Free Google Sheets Templates

Here is a list of more than 45 free Google Sheets templates our team has created. You can duplicate and use the Google Sheets templates as you wish.

Content Calendar TemplateThe Google Sheet Content Calendar Template allows marketers to schedule content, track publication dates, and assign responsibilities to team members.Make a copy
Social Media Posting Schedule TemplateThe Social Media Posting Schedule template in Google Sheets enables marketers to plan and track their social media posts across various platforms.Make a copy
Campaign Tracking TemplateThis template enables marketers to record essential metrics such as campaign objectives, budget allocation, key performance indicators (KPIs), and results.Make a copy
SEO Research TemplateThe SEO Keyword Research Template in Google Sheets streamlines this process by allowing marketers to input potential keywords, analyze search volume and competition, and prioritize the most relevant keywords for their content.Make a copy
Lead Generation and Sales Funnel TemplateThe Lead Generation and Sales Funnel Template in Google Sheets provides a visual representation of the customer journey, from lead acquisition to conversion.Make a copy
Employee Information TemplateEmployee Information Template on Google Sheets can help collect information such as contact information for emergencies, work history, and personal details.Make a copy
Onboarding Checklist TemplateGoogle Sheets Onboarding Checklist Template can help you lists all the things you need to do before arriving at work and throughout your first few weeks there.Make a copy
Training Schedule TemplateTraining Schedule Template can help define the employee's training schedule, which includes orientation sessions, department introductions, and skill development workshops.Make a copy
Equipment Inventory TemplateGoogle Sheets equipment inventory template can help you track the distribution of phones, laptops, access cards, and other necessary supplies.Make a copy
Performance Evaluation TemplatePerformance Evaluation Template can help you monitor and evaluate the performance of new hires during the onboarding phase.Make a copy
Basic Vendor Quote TemplateThis template is a user-friendly tool designed to help organize and compare quotes from other vendors.Make a copy
Comparison Matrix TemplateThe Comparison Matrix Template streamlines the decision-making process by providing visual representation of the differences between vendor quotesMake a copy
Request for Quote (RFQ) TemplateThe Request for Quote template is a structured form used by businesses to formally request quotes from vendors for specific goods.Make a copy
Vendor Performance EvaluationThis Google Sheet template allows you to evaluate vendors based on various criteria.Make a copy
Vendor Quote Template with Terms and ConditionsThis template goes into detail with the terms and conditions using Google Sheets to ensure smooth and transparent transactions with your vendors.Make a copy
Production Schedule TemplateThis template allows you to plan and track production activities, assign tasks to team members, and monitor progress in real-time.Make a copy
Inventory Management TemplateThis Google Sheet template provides a comprehensive solution for managing stock levels, tracking orders, and predicting reorder points.Make a copy
Quality Control ChecklistThis template helps create detailed quality control checklists for each stage of production.Make a copy
Work Order TemplateThis template enables you to create and track work orders, assign responsibilities, and monitor the status of each task.Make a copy
Maintenance Log TemplateThis template allows you to create a maintenance log for tracking equipment maintenance schedules, recording issues, and scheduling repairs.Make a copy
Income Statement TemplateThis template typically includes revenue, expenses, and net income.Make a copy
Balance Sheet TemplateThis template enables you to assess your business's overall financial health, identify areas of strength, and manage liabilities effectively.Make a copy
Cash Flow Statement TemplateA cash flow statement template tracks the inflow and outflow of cashMake a copy
Expense Report TemplateAn expense report template allows you to record and categorize all business-related expendituresMake a copy
Invoice TemplateAn invoice template helps you create professional and consistent invoices for your products or services.Make a copy
Project Overview TemplateThis template helps keep everyone on the same page by including important details like project status and relevant notes.Make a copy
Task List TemplateIt allows users to list tasks, assign team members, set due dates, track progress, and add comments.Make a copy
Photo Inventory TemplateWith this template, you can list image names, descriptions, and links to their locations – all in one neat space.Make a copy
Design Draft and Revision TemplateThis template streamlines the review process, enabling teams to efficiently track design iterations and client feedback, ensuring smoother project progress.Make a copy
Client Communication Log TemplateThe Client Communication Log Template in Google Sheets provides a structured format for recording all interactions with clients.Make a copy
Budget TemplateIt allow for regular updates and comparisons between actual and projected figures to identify variances and adjust strategies accordingly.Make a copy
Expense Reimbursement TemplateThe template typically includes fields for details such as the employee's name, date of the expense, nature of the expense, amount spent, and any supporting receipts.Make a copy
Accounts Payable Tracker TemplateIt is a type of financial template that helps keep track of invoices, due dates, amounts owed, and payment statuses.Make a copy
Accounts Receivable Tracker TemplateThe tracker keeps a record of outstanding invoices, providing a snapshot of the company's receivables at any given time.Make a copy
Sales Tracker TemplateThis template typically includes various sections and fields to input and analyze sales data efficiently.Make a copy
Case Intake Form TemplateIt typically includes fields for client contact information, case details, relevant dates, legal issues involved, and any other pertinent information that will help in evaluating the case.Make a copy
Case Timeline TemplateIt typically includes dates for filing motions, discovery deadlines, court appearances, and other important milestones.Make a copy
Client Communication Log TemplateThis template provides a structured format for recording details of phone calls, meetings, emails, and other forms of communication with clients.Make a copy
Task Management TemplateIt typically includes columns for task descriptions, deadlines, assigned team members, and status updates.Make a copy
Document Management TemplateA document management template provides a structured system for storing and tracking important documents related to a case.Make a copy
Expense Tracking TemplateIt typically includes fields for recording expenses, dates, descriptions, amounts, and payment status.Make a copy
Custom TemplatesNo more manual editing, tweaking every detail, or stressing about how to present your data exactly the way you want it.Make a copy
Pantry InventoryPantry Inventory would likely have food items and cleaning consumables.Make a copy
Ice Cream Inventory SheetAs a small business inventory is to be regularly updated, it is recommended to have a Last Updated tab.Make a copy
Apparel InventorySome setups would require additional tabs like Sales, Inventory Transfers, Orders, and even tracking multiple warehouse locations.Make a copy
Expense Tracker TemplateExpense tracker has columns for Date, Category, Description, Amount, and any other relevant fields you’d like to include.Make a copy
PayslipDesign a payslip template that includes all necessary details, such as employee information, earnings, deductions, and net pay.Make a copy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own Google Sheets template?

Yes, you can. You can use any of the templates above as a starting point and customize them based on your needs.

Also, take a look at this article to create an expense tracker for Google Sheets and see all the ways you can customize Google Sheets.

How do I make Google Sheets pretty?

You Visually Represent Data in Google Sheets or maybe create a heap map for your data.


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