FileDrop Release 1.6

In this release we’ve added some great new features:

Settings: Select the folder where to save your files

If you want to add the files in a certain folder or you are sharing that folder with a team this is great news. Now you can select any folder from your Drive to save the files.
This is amazing for it enables collaboration with your team and it also valid for shared drives.

save files in your shared drives

Access Shared Drives

If you need to add files from your shared drives in your Sheets or Docs you can now access these from the Drives tab.

Settings: Image to cell size

Now you can define the size of the image/cell in the settings tab.

filedrop settings image cell size


Reinsert file in cell with 1 click

If you recently added a file in the upload area you can insert it again by clicking the file or the insert file icon.

reinsert file in cell


*Some of the features are available to only certain user memberships.