We made some small updates to FileDrop and added a couple of features.

Add file from url

You can add files from url by pasting it in the field and press upload. This will upload the file in Drive. From here you can use it in Sheets, extract text and translate.

Extract tables from PDF OCR

We’ve added a more capable OCR library that can extract tables from your PDF files. The information can be entered as text in Sheets or as formatted table in their respective cells.

OCR text translation

You can translate the text you extracted from PDF files or images directly in FileDrop and insert the translated text in your documents. It supports all the languages Google Translate supports.

Settings are stored per document

Your settings are now stored per document, meaning you can have a document where you want to insert files by name and one where you want to insert images in cells with a height of 300 and width of 300. These settings won’t affect other documents, each document can have it’s own settings.