How to use Chat GPT in Google Sheets with FileDrop

All Business+ users have access to our Chat GPT function. You don’t need an Open AI key, the tokens are included in your subscription.

If you don’t have a Business+ license you need to upgrade.

To use the AI function you need to do the following.

Step 1

In the settings tab click the Enable AI button.

click to enable ai

Step 2

Call the GPTAI function like this, where A4 is the cell where I want to insert data from. In the example below we called the function to create tweets about a few personalities with included hashtags.

=GPTAI(“write a tweet about “&A4&“, include hashtags”)

screenshot 2023.05.15 00 01 41

Save values

screenshot 2023.05.15 00 24 31

To save the results of the function use one of these buttons.

Save All Values – will save the values of all functions from the entire sheet.

Save Selected Values – will save the values of the selected cell.

*This is a Beta feature and we will add more functions to it in the coming weeks.