How to use Chat GPT functions in Google Sheets with FileDrop

All Business+ users have unlimited access to our Chat GPT functions. You don’t need an Open AI key, the tokens are included in your subscription.

Free accounts have 5 credits per month.

To use the AI function you need to do the following.

Step 1

In the settings tab click the Enable AI button.

click to enable ai

Step 2

Call the GPTAI function like this, where A4 is the cell where I want to insert data from. In the example below we called the function to create tweets about a few personalities with included hashtags.

=GPTAI(“write a tweet about “&A4&“, include hashtags”)

Here you can find the GPTAI functions for FileDrop.

screenshot 2023.05.15 00 01 41

Save values

screenshot 2023.05.15 00 24 31

To save the results of the function use one of these buttons.

Save All Values – will save the values of all functions from the entire sheet.

Save Selected Values – will save the values of the selected cell.

*This is a Beta feature and we will add more functions to it in the coming weeks.