Collaboration: enable other users to add files to your Google Drive or a shared folder

To enable collaboration on a Google Sheet and ensure that all users upload files to the same folder, follow the steps below.


  • Active Business+ accounts for all the users that will have access.
  • Users must have access to the folder where files are uploaded.

Step 1

Share the folder with the users who will have access. Grant folder access to collaborators:
a. Visit Right-click the folder you want to share from your Google Drive.
b. Choose “Share.”
c. Type in the email addresses of the users you want to collaborate with.
d. Set their permission level to “Editor.”
e. Click “Send” to invite them.

Step 2

All users must set the upload folder to this shared folder.

Users need to go to the FileDrop settings tab and set the shared folder where you want to save the files.


Now every time a user uploads files via FileDrop the files will be uploaded to this folder.

When you no longer want to upload files to this folder you need to change it to any folder you wish.

This setup works the same with Google Docs or Google Slides.