How do I insert images in Sheet cells?

1. Go to settings

To insert images in cells to to the settings tab and select the Image in cell option. Enter one at a time the width and height of your cells.

filedrop settings

2. Sharing with access permissions rules

If you want to share the sheet with other set the appropriate permissions.

You can share some files with  one type of access and others with a different type of access.

The access setting must be set before you insert/add files to your Sheets. The default setting is PRIVATE.

The options from the most secure to the less secure:

PRIVATE  – Only people explicitly granted permission can access the files inserted with FileDrop.

DOMAIN WITH LINK – People in your domain who have the link can access. Not for users with

DOMAIN – People in your domain ( can access. Not for users with

ANYONE WITH LINK – Anyone who has the link can access. For any type of Google emails or Workspace accounts.

ANYONE – Anyone can access. For any type of Google emails or Workspace accounts.

screenshot 2023.02.14 16 15 18

3. Use the drag and drop interface or select

Go back to the upload tab and drag and drop your images. The image will upload in your Drive folder and it will display in the Sheet cell.

  • Free users can add up to 4 images at once.
  • Paid users can add up to 25 images based on your plan.

Can I Drag and Drop Files Google Sheets 2

4. Bulk image insert

To insert images in bulk please use the Drive tab with the insert all button or select only the images you want.

insert multiple files in FileDrop with shift key

An alternative is our dedicated Image Kit sidebar.

image kit sidebar filedrop