Free Contact Form 7 To Google Drive WordPress Plugin

If you need users to submit files to your Google Drive, from images to documents, PDF’s or zip files, you can use our free Contact Form 7 to Google Drive WordPress Plugin. It’s like an add-on for the very popular Contact Form 7 plugin.

The plugin will add a new field in your Contact Form 7 to allow files to be submited directly to your Google Drive.

google drive contact form 7 plugin

How to use?

Download and install the plugin.

CF Google Drive Plugin (1971 downloads )

Next we need to setup your Google Console Project in order for the plugin to connect to your Google Drive and save the files in the folder you want.

Step 1

Go to and create a new project.

Step 2

In the project go to and enable the Google Drive API.

screenshot 2022.10.16 13 30 21

Step 3

Click on the OAUTH consent screen and setup your app. Fill in the fields for Oauth go the next screen.

On the scopes screen add the /auth/drive scope.

oauth consent


auth authorization

Save and continue.

Step 4

Go to the Credentials tab. Create new credentials, select OAUTH CLIENT ID and then Web Application.

screenshot 2022.10.16 13 13 04 screenshot 2022.10.16 13 14 27

Add the Authorized redirect URIs and save.

screenshot 2022.10.16 13 15 19


Step 5

Copy the Client id and Client Secret and add them to the plugin

screenshot 2022.10.16 13 18 09

Set the name of the folder where files will be saved, this folder will be created automatically.

Step 6

Create your form in Contact Form 7 and click the Google Drive file button to generate your new field.

google drive contact form 7 plugin

Once that is added save and use your new form. The upload file field will look like a regular upload field.

screenshot 2022.10.16 13 25 24

If everything is ok your files will be saved in the new folder created.

Download the Contact Form 7 To Google Drive WordPress Plugin to upload files directly in your Google Drive.

CF Google Drive Plugin (1971 downloads )
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