create folders in drive with google sheets

Create Folders in Bulk in Google Drive with Google Sheets

Imagine being able to list down all the folders you plan to create in Google Drive in a simple Google Sheet. This is an addition to our Folder Tools sidebar functionality, and I’m here to walk you through how incredible this feature is. This new feature in FileDrop is about to make your digital organization a whole lot easier.

Now, with just the click of a button – the “Create” button, to be exact – FileDrop springs into action, creating those exact folders in your Google Drive. It sounds simple, right? That’s because it is, and that simplicity is exactly what makes it so powerful.

create folders in drive with sheets 1

I’ve already set up a demo to show you how it works. I created a demo folder in FileDrop, and within this demo, I showcased how you can easily get the folder ID. This ID is crucial because it tells FileDrop precisely where to create your new folders, making sure everything is organized just the way you want it.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting. Not only can you create primary folders, but you can also dive deeper by creating subfolders within those folders. For the sake of demonstration, I went ahead and created three subfolders, proving just how layered and organized your Google Drive can become with this feature.

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Initially, if you don’t specify a folder ID, the folders would default to being created at the root of your Google Drive. However, for the purpose of this demonstration, I specified where I wanted each folder, showcasing the flexibility and control this feature offers.

The creation process is a breeze. With a simple click on the “create” button, the folders quickly come to life in your Google Drive. There might be a slight delay in their appearance due to synchronization, but rest assured, they’re there.

Wrapping up, I can’t help but express how amazing this tool is. If you’re someone who regularly juggles multiple folders and finds the task of creating them one by one a bit tedious, this feature is a godsend. It’s not just a time-saver; it’s a neat leap towards more streamlined, efficient digital organization.

Thank you for letting me share this latest FileDrop feature with you. I’m confident it’ll make a significant difference in managing your digital files.

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