Easily insert, save and link files in Google Sheets cells , Docs and Slides

FileDrop is a free Google Sheets, Docs and Slides file manager add-on that allows you to drag and drop files into a spreadsheet cell with automatic linking and save them to Google Drive.

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FileDrop is trusted by over 50.000 amazing users and organizations:

How It Works

FileDrop is a sidebar app for Google Sheets, Docs and Slides. With it you can insert any file type you need in your Google Sheets cells. The files will be saved automatically to your Google Drive folder. You can also add files that exist in your Google Drive from the Drive tab.

files to google drive upload
Drag and Drop files

Insert or attach any file in your spreadsheet cells.

Files uploaded with FileDrop are saved to your Google Drive and are automatically added with the name in your spreadsheet cell. Then it’s linked to the file itself for easy access.


Add the same files again with File Library

You can add the same file again in another cell or spreadsheet with the file library feature that keeps a recent history of your uploaded files.

An easy way to keep track of your files and use them again in different documents.

You can also search for the files you added directly from the Library tab.

file history filedrop
add files from drive
Add already uploaded files

Add files from your Drive

If you have files already uploaded in your Drive you can add them easily with the Drive Browser. This works as a file manager for your Google Dri ve.

You can even search in your Drive for the files you need to add to your Sheets or Docs. 


Use ChatGPT directly in Google Sheets

Use the power of AI in Google Sheets with our ChatGPT integration.

The GPTAI function inside FileDrop works like a charm and comes with unlimited usage, you don’t need an OPENAI key to use it and there are no extra costs, it’s covered by your Business+ license.

file history filedrop


Filedrop is awesome! I'm using it to upload a lot of Storyboard frames in a spreadsheet. This app greatly reduces the time to do that. I had some questions about the features of the app and the team responded very attentively and professionally. I love it. Thank you!
Gustavo D.
Video Editor
We manufacture industrial mixers, we are trying to reduce the amount of paperwork laying around in the workshop. It is working great for us. Took me quiet a bit of research before I came across you guys. Maybe you need to advertise somewhere because it’s a great program you have.

Drag and drop files

FileDrop has an easy to use interface to make adding files to Google Sheets a breeze.

Add filese from computer

Click and browse to add files from your computer with ease.

File History

With File Library you can view the recent files you added to use them again.

Add files from Drive

Add files directly from your Google Drive. You don't need to upload them again.

Automatic file linking

The files are linked automatlically to the source file in Drive for easy access.

Delete easily

If you uploadede the wrong file you can delete it from the upload area.

Add file from link

Add your file link and FileDrop will automatically upload the file to Drive and add it to your Sheet or Docs.

Translate OCR text

After extracting the text from an image or pdf you can translate the text from or to any language.

Settings per document

Any Docs file using FileDrop can have their own settings about image insert, text insert or more.


Extract text from PDF in Google Docs™ or Google Sheets™.

Image to Text

Extract text from images online in Google Docs™ or Google Sheets™.

Import Table From PDF

You can extract table data from PDF files and insert it into your Google Docs or Sheets.

Image options in Sheets

Image to cell or image over cell can be easily achived in your spreadsheet.


Select and insert only the files you need to insert in cells.

Search files

Search for the file you need in your recent history or your entire Google Drive.

List all files from Google Drive folders

With this function you can select any folder from your Google Drive and list all the files in your Google Sheet.

Insert Multiple Links In A Cell

Easily add multiple links in a Google Sheet cell from your Drive or upload from your computer.

ChatGPT Integration

Experience the power of artificial intelligence right within your Google Sheets with ChatGPT integration.

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