Easily insert and link files in Google Sheets cells

FileDrop is a free Google Sheets add-on that allows you to drag and drop files into a spreadsheet cell with automatic linking and add them to Google Drive.

files to google drive upload
Drag and Drop files

Insert or attach any file in your spreadsheet cells.

Files uploaded with FileDrop go straight to your Google Drive and are automatically added with the name in your spreadsheet cell. Then it’s linked to the file itself for easy access.


Add the same files again with File Library

You can add the same file again in another cell or spreadsheet with the file library feature that keeps a recent history of your uploaded files.

An easy way to keep track of your files.

file history filedrop
add files from drive
Add already uploaded files

Add files from your Drive

If you have files already uploaded in your Drive you can add them easily with the Drive Browser.

Drag and drop files

FileDrop has an easy to use interface to make adding files to Sheets a breeze.

Add from computer

Click and browse to add files from your computer with ease.

File Library

With the File Library you can view the files you added to use them again.

Add from Drive

Add files directly from your Google Drive. You don't need to upload them again.

Automatic file linking

The files are linked automatlically to the source file in Drive for easy access.

Delete easily

If you uploadede the wrong file you can delete it from the upload area.

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