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I was in desperate need of something like this and it is making my life so much easier. The customer service is next level! I don't know what hours they are keeping over there, but they responded to my emails at 11:00am, 11:00pm, and 3:00am +/-. Not only do they respond, but it is with a very detailed answer, instructions, links to diagrams and images, and alternate options as well. I could not be happier with a company than I am with this one right now. I know I probably sound like an uncle who is trying to help a family member, but I swear, I have never heard of this company till last week. I do contents inventory for attorneys and am switching from Excel to Google Sheets. I wanted to upload 1000's of images into each form and could not do it, until I found this product. Additionally, I needed FileDrop to do something I was not confident it could do. To be honest, I knew it was more of a Google Sheets need than a FileDrop need, but they provided detailed instructions anyway. With FireDrop allowing me to upload thousands of images at once, the way the photos work in my Sheet, and the help they provided with Sheets in regard to my unique request, I am totally satisfied. I could keep going, but I just realized how long this review is. If anyone from FileDrop reads this, I want to say Thank You for being so amazing!

Your Favorite Customer,

Shane M.


We manufacture industrial mixers, we are trying to reduce the amount of paperwork laying around in the workshop. It is working great for us. Took me quiet a bit of research before I came across you guys. Maybe you need to advertise somewhere because it’s a great program you have. ​



Filedrop is awesome! I'm using it to upload a lot of Storyboard frames in a spreadsheet. This app greatly reduces the time to do that. I had some questions about the features of the app and the
team responded very attentively and professionally. I love it. Thank you!


Video Editor

Thank you for your "silly add-on". I wanted to do a picture inventory of my fabric. Inserting one image at a time was not enjoyable and anything having to do with fabric should be enjoyable. I paid the $7 and in less than 2 minutes all 464 pictures were inserted, sized fit the cell and
ready for me to organize.
A fabric addict =)

Brenda Gullikson

This makes it phenomenally easy for my team and I to keep docs and data all in one place. Rather than trying to copy + paste documents into Google Sheets or Forms, etc. I can keep them exactly as is and my teams can access them without searching through mountains of emails. I can also add notes and keep updating data around it while the document stays in place. This has been a game changer and it makes my life and my team's work so much easier.

Gabrielle Frake

As a People operations associate on an HR team, this extension has been a lifesaver when it comes to having to implement new software systems for my organization. For example- in a new system, have you ever been asked to rename HUNDREDS of files so that your new software company can upload them via mapping? This tool helped me save a ton of time when we recently needed to upload historical reviews into a new performance system. Instead of manually having to re-name files, I could export them into google sheet, do some x-look up magic, and rename them within minutes. This has been such a game changer, can't sing enough positive praises!

Jane H


Most beautiful way to drop files in any google related docs. and PDF.

Danish Mithani


Compare Free vs Premium

Uploads per month100UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Upload one file at a time
No of files per upload42550Custom
File size4Mb50Mb50MbCustom
Add file from computer
Insert images in cells
Insert images over cells
Team billing
Select any Drive folder to save filesCustom
Insert files from Drive folders
OCR Extract text from PDF/Images30 credits/mUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Save Sheet selection as PNG
File history
Search files in Drive & history
Access Shared Drives for collaboration
Folder Tools
ChatGPT AI tools5 credits each version5 credits each versionUnlimitedUnlimited
Translation Pro for Sheets and Slides5 credits each version5 credits each versionUnlimitedUnlimited
Translation for Google DocsUnlimitedUnlimited
Add stock images from Pexels (Docs and Slides)
User provisioning and deprovisioning
Custom file filters
Data reports
Designated account and customer success team
Download Manager
Preview files
List Images in Sheets
Convert files60 files/month
Download Images from URL
Bulk OCR2000 files/month2000+ files/month
Copy files in bulk
Folder Report
Find Duplicates
Create Folders
Folder Monitor
Access to customer support24/7 support24/7 support with four-hour first response time24/7 support with four-hour first response time

Frequently asked questions

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Visit our Knowledge Center.

How can I upgrade?

To upgrade to FileDrop Premium you have two options, one is using the links above and install the add-on. Second, install the add-on, open it, and click the Premium button at the bottom of the add-on.

Please use the Gmail email address or Google Workspace email address in order to activate the premium version of the add-on.

Here you can choose if you want an individual license or a business license for you or your organization.

We accept most major debit or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) via

If I purchase the Business+ plan, I can share it with my team?

The Business+ plan allows you to consolidate the billing for your team. You need to purchase a license for each user on your team. The licenses can be assigned to other users at any time.

I am working at a big company – do you offer additional services and support for enterprise customers?

Yes, we are happy to offer you enterprise-level support such as custom onboarding, payment via invoice and other types of services you require from a software vendor.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do you have a discount for non-profits or education?

Yes, we are excited to support education and non-profit organizations. Please see our discount program details here.

Do you offer a free trial?

No, we do not offer trials. You can sign up for the free version, and if you are happy with that, you can upgrade to our paid plans.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, follow the instructions here. When you cancel your subscription, your license will remain active until the end of your original subscription date. We do not offer pro-rated refunds.

If I cancel will I still have access to FileDrop Pro?

Yes, you can cancel anytime, and you will have access to all the features until the subscription period ends.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is simple, if you are not happy with FileDrop, please contact us we do our best to help, if not we will provide a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

We don’t offer prorated refunds on renewals, as we email customers 7 days before we charge the card.

Will my license be automatically renewed?

Yes, you don’t have to do anything to renew your  license. You will receive an email reminder 7 days before it happens, and of course, you can cancel the automatic renewal whenever you want.

What are the common issues of FileDrop?

You can view the common issues and solutions of FileDrop here

Is my data safe with FileDrop?

Yes, your data is safe and we don’t have access to your files data or any data  you add to FileDrop, the add-on runs inside your Google account. We don’t read the data or any information about your Google Drive. 

We use the minimum amount of permissions for our add-on to work. 

We don’t process any data other than what is needed for the add-on to work. We don’t share or store anything other than the data we need to process payments, the number of files used, and credits for the features used.

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