FileDrop Use Cases

Streamlining file management across industries with simple, efficient drag-and-drop functionality within Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

Designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind, FileDrop transforms your spreadsheets, documents, and presentations into dynamic, interactive, and centralized data management systems. 

This powerful tool allows you to drag and drop files into a spreadsheet cell, automatically creating a link and saving them to Google Drive. It simplifies the process of inserting, saving, and linking files within Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides, providing an innovative solution for managing various file types in a single location.

From finance to human resources, purchasing to photography, and beyond, FileDrop proves invaluable across multiple industries and fields. For example, in the accounting and finance sectors, FileDrop allows for streamlined management of invoices, receipts, and payslips. Human resources professionals can store and manage job applicant CVs efficiently, while those in purchasing can compare vendor quotes easily. 

Creative professionals such as photographers and designers can deliver their works and receive feedback seamlessly, all within their Google Drive ecosystem.

Database managers can link and extract information from various documents, making handling large volumes of data a breeze. In the realm of film and TV production, FileDrop aids in tracking graphics and inserting thumbnails, supporting the intricate processes of post-production. Manufacturing details, legal court records, shared images, and even car dealership inventories can be managed effectively using FileDrop, illustrating its versatility and broad utility.

With FileDrop, businesses can streamline their invoice approval process and even save on costs compared to third-party solutions. It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to enhance their Google Sheets capabilities, offering an integrated, user-friendly solution for file management.

Use Cases

Industry/Field Use Case Expanded Description
Accounting & Finance Add invoices, receipts, and payslips FileDrop allows for easy management of financial documents such as invoices, receipts, and payslips. Files can be dropped directly into spreadsheet cells, simplifying expense tracking and payroll management.
Human Resources Add CVs HR professionals can utilize FileDrop to store and manage job applicant CVs. This not only streamlines the recruitment process but also keeps all necessary documents in a centralized location.
Purchasing & Procurement Attaching vendor quotes Purchasing professionals can attach vendor quotes directly to their spreadsheet cells. This helps maintain an organized record and facilitates easy comparison of quotes from different vendors.
Photography & Design Delivering photographs and feedback Photographers and designers can deliver their works to clients via Google Drive folders. FileDrop makes it easy for them to receive feedback/approvals and keep everything organized.
Database Management Extract and fill information FileDrop allows users to link receipts to a P&L summary and extract plain text from PDFs quickly to fill in information on databases. It simplifies the task of handling large volumes of data.
Document Management Attach PDFs to events Event managers can use FileDrop to attach all the PDFs into a spreadsheet for each event, keeping all event-related documentation in one place.
Film & TV Production Track graphics and thumbnails In the film and series production space, FileDrop is used to track graphics and insert thumbnails into Google Sheets in a specific order. This helps in managing graphic elements during post-production and for network deliverables.
Manufacturing Add manufacturing details Manufacturing details, such as specifications, blueprints, and quality reports, can be added to Google Sheets using FileDrop, providing a single source of truth and facilitating better information management.
Legal Access court records Legal professionals can use FileDrop to build spreadsheets of immediately accessible court records, streamlining case management and research processes.
Sales & Marketing Share images from Google Drive Sales and marketing professionals can use FileDrop to share product images, marketing materials, or other visuals via Google Sheets. This enhances collaboration and ensures easy access to necessary resources.
Invoice Approvals Streamline invoice approvals Companies can use FileDrop to streamline the invoice approval process by adding links to the invoices directly in Google Sheets. This results in cost savings compared to third-party solutions.
Auto Dealership Dealership car stock list Auto dealerships can use FileDrop to manage their car stock list within Google Spreadsheets, making it easier to track, share, and update inventory information.

Whether you’re looking to organize your files, save time, or collaborate more efficiently, FileDrop provides a comprehensive solution to meet your needs. Discover the power and convenience of FileDrop today!