FileDrop was created to improve our own productivity flow in Google Sheets and it seems other needed it as well. From a simple drag and drop file manager now it can handle amazing 1 click automations that save days of work.

Over 100.000 users all over the world use it in many different use cases. From small companies to top universities FileDrop finds it’s place in the day to day workflow to enhance and amplify the input, saving time and increasing productivity.

Manage files, use AI, translate and much more in Google Sheets, Docs and Slides

  • With FileDrop you can insert any file in your spreadsheet cells and automatically link them to Google Drive.
  • Extract text with OCR and enhance the way you work in Google Sheets, Docs or Slides.
  • 1 Click Auto translation of elements in Slides and Sheets. Use the smart AI sidebar to enhance your productivity in no time.
Drag and Drop files FILEDROP

FileDrop is part of the HeadwayApps suite of software for enhanced productivity.

We build (useful) apps to save time for users, for teams and even large companies.

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