Fair Usage Policy

What is Fair Usage Policy?

Fair Usage Policy or FUP is practiced by companies worldwide whereby it allows them to restrict or throttle services on unlimited plans so as to prevent misuse or excessive use of services provided.

Fair Usage Policy is described as a cap where it dictates the amount of total usage of a customer limit that has been allowed for a specific period, exceeding which the customer usage would automatically limited.

Why Fair Usage Policy?

We want to provide the best possible experience to all our customers.

This “Fair Usage Policy” is here to give us an option that if your usage is excessive over a period of time to the point it is impacting on other users experience, then we reserve the right to reduce or limit the service provided.

FUP is used under those circumstances where few customers, using heavy data and filling up the available service limits and making the overall experience inappropriate for other users using the same service.

Cases that caused Fair Usage Policy?

If a customer using Business+ plan has an unusual or heavy usage abusing the service.

If a customer having a Pro plan has shared a access with other users.

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