Batch OCR for PDFs and Images in Google Sheets and Drive with FileDrop

FileDrop for Google Sheets can help you extract text from files in bulk from PDF and images with a click of a button.

Bulk OCR in Google Sheets


To do batch OCR you need to do the following:

  1. Add your folder ID where the files are.
  2. Starting the OCR Process: By clicking the OCR button in FileDrop, the text extraction process begins. You will receive an email once the file is ready.
  3. Retrieving the Extracted Data: FileDrop will create a new file with the extracted data, open the file to view the data.
  4. Transferring to where you need it: copy this data into other sheets or anywhere else you might need to analyze it.

Bulk OCR Extracted Data Example

In the image we have data extracted from a bunch a resume files we wanted to analyze for a programming position in the company.

We used the extracted data to analyze it with the AI Functions of FileDrop.

cv results

AI integration: Use ChatGPT directly in Google Sheets cells

Use the power of AI with our ChatGPT integration. Analyze the text, summarize, rewrite and much more.

The AI sidebar and GPTAI function inside FileDrop works like a charm and comes with unlimited usage, you don’t need an OPEN AI key to use it and there are no extra costs, it’s covered by your Business+ license.

open ai sidebar

Quickly Translate Text in Sheets

With our Translate Pro feature you can automatically translate your text in over 100 languages. Powered by the best translation engine from Google you can be sure your translation is as accurate as possible.

Translate Pro for Slides allows you to translate text boxes, current slides or the entire presentation in one click.

Translate Pro for Sheets allows you to translate Sheets cells, an entire Sheet or the entire Spreadsheet.