Settings for Sheets

The settings are set for each individual Sheet or Docs document where you are using FileDrop.

This way some documents can be used for working with colleagues and others for private work and have different settings where files are saved, images or OCR settings.

filedrop settings

Save Folder

Here you can change where the files are saved* or rename* the folder.

Enable AI and Settings

Enable the advanced functions and AI features.

Image Settings

Here you can change the way images are used in your Sheet.

1. Don’t add image – the image will be added to cell as a regular file with the name linked to the Drive file location.

2. Image over cells – the image will be added on over the cells of your Spreadsheet

3. Image in cell – the image will be added in the cell. Optionally you can set width and height of the cell.

OCR Text Settings

Depending on what you plan to do with the text you have two options, this is only in Sheets, not Docs.

  • All text in one cell – all the text will be added in one cell.
  • Line in a new cell – text will be added on multiple rows and columns.

File Access Settings

Here you can change who has access to the files you add to the Sheet.

Change the access settings to fit your use case.

*Available only for premium accounts.