OCR Text Extraction for PDFs and Images

FileDrop has multiple options that can help you extract text from PDFs and images with a click of a button.

This feature is available in multiple forms in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets.

FileDrop has multiple ways to do OCR text extraction

TXT icon OCR extraction

This feature is available in all versions, free users have 30 OCR text extractions per month. Works within our Drive and Library tab in the main sidebar.

how to convert pdf to text in google docs google docs

OCR Button

This feature allows users to extract text from files/links already inserted in Google Sheets. This feature is available to all paid users. Users get unlimited extractions.

ocr button 2

Bulk OCR

This special tool allows users to extract text from multiple files that are in a Drive folder. It’s available in the Folder Tools sidebar to Business+ users and as an add-on.

bulk ocr tool

TXT icon OCR extraction

extract text from pdf or image

OCR Text Icon

This option is free and available in Sheetds, Docs and Slides. Just add a file to FileDrop and click the TXT icon to extract the text from your file. 

You can use it for images and PDFs. 

free ocr results

OCR Text Extraction Results

The text extraction takes a few seconds, depending on the size or how many pages a document has. 


ocr results buttons

OCR Results Options

Once the text is extracted, you have a few options:

  • Insert in Document
  • Tables detected
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Translate
translate ocr

Translate Text

The free option offers a limited number of languages with the free Google translation engine. 

OCR Button

ocr button 2

Click to extract

This option is available in the footer bar and can extract the text from files that are already inserted in the Google Sheet cells. It can extract text from PDF, JPG and PNG files.

Select a file URL and click the button, and if the format is correct, the extraction process begins.

Extracted Text Result

A modal will display the text with a few options: 

  • Insert in cell
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Download as TXT, DOCX, XLSX
  • Translate PRO in 100 languages

This feature is available to our paid users, no matter the plan, with unlimited credits.

Inserting OCR

Bulk OCR

Extract text with Bulk OCR in Drive

This feature is available in the Folder Tools sidebar.

It can extract text from hundreds of documents; just set the folder ID and the way you want the text extraction to be done in one document or each file in it’s own document.

bulk ocr tool
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