Managing Files in Google Sheets, Docs, Slides and Drive is easy with FileDrop

Start using FileDrop for easier file management in Google Workspace, and your new workflow will greatly improve your productivity.

Main Features

Drag and drop files

FileDrop has an easy to use interface to make adding files to Google Sheets a breeze.

Add files from Drive

Add files directly from your Google Drive. You don't need to upload them again.

Add file from link

Add your file link and FileDrop will automatically upload the file to Drive and add it to your Sheet or Docs.

Search files

Search for the file you need in your recent history or your entire Google Drive.

Insert Multiple Links In A Cell

Add multiple links in a Google Sheet cell from your Drive or from your computer.

List all files from Google Drive folders

With this function you can select any folder from your Google Drive and list all the files in your Google Sheet.

Add filese from computer

Click and browse to add files from your computer with ease.

File History

With the File Library tab you can view the recent files you added and use them again anywhere you like.

Automatic file linking

The files are linked automatlically to the source file in Drive for easy access.


Select and insert only the files you need to insert in cells using the Drive tab.

Folder Tools Sidebar

Currently offering 7 tools with multiple options each, this powerful sidebar can help you save time with powerful automations.

The Folder Tools sidebar is the most used by FileDrop users, and the tools it provides makes it a breeze to work with files and folders in Google Drive.

From copying and organizing files in in your Google Drive folders to sharing and doing batch operations.


filedrop folder tools latest

Copy Files and Folders

This option provides users with a few options. 

First, you can enter a source folder and a destination folder  and all the files will be copied from one folder to another. 

Second, we have the copy only the folder structure, where only the folders are copied, no files.

Third, we have the files that are in the Google Sheet, you can selec the links or file IDs in the sheet and enter the destination folder and the files will be copied there.

copy files and folders

Folder Report

Enter the folder ID and receive a report via email that will show you different details about your folder like: file name, id, url, size, sharing details and type.

folder report

filedrop folder report

Share Single File/Folder

A simple and quick way to share a file or transfer ownership. 

The options are:

  • editor
  • viewer
  • commenter
  • anyone
  • owner

Add your file or folder ID and an email or multiple emails, and then one click and the file or folder is shared.

share single file folder

List and Share Multiple Files

If you want to share multiple files with different users and different levels, you can do that with this tool. 

Add your folder ID and list the files. From there, edit the template with the email addresses of the users and Share Type. 

Once you click the Share Files button, the magic happens. The share types are: 

  • editor
  • viewer
  • commenter
  • anyone
  • owner

Depending on the number of files it can take a few seconds for the process to finish. 

share files in bulk google sheets 1

Folder File Monitor

Set your folder ID and start monitoring your folder for new files.

The Folder Monitor will update your Google Sheet every hour with new files that are added to that folder. 
It will add the file name, id, date, and hour to the Google Sheet where the Folder Monitor has been started.

filedrop folder scan report

Bulk OCR

If you have multiple files that you want to extract text from, this is a time saver. 

The Bulk OCR tool will extract text from PDFs and images (PNG, JPG, GIF) in multiple languages.

The tool can extract the files in Sheets or Docs, and each file can be extracted in it’s own file or multiple files in one Sheet or Docs.

bulk ocr filedrop

Upload from URL

Accesible from the main sidebar of FileDrop this simple tool can download files from the web directly in your Google Drive and add the link to the sheet. 

upload from url

Download Manager

If you need to download multiple files directly to your Google Drive and add them to your Google Sheet, this is the tool you need.

Add the URL of your files in the first column of your Google Sheets and it will automatically download the files.

download results

Create Folders in Bulk

If you need to create multiple folders and subfolders at once with this tool you can do that. Add your folder names in the Sheet and click Create. Your folders will be created in seconds.

create folders in drive with sheets 1

Preview files from Sheet

The preview button works with any link in your Google Sheet.

This quick preview button can open files that are in your Google Drive, such as Docs, Slides, images, PDFs, and even video or audio files.

preview file in modal filedrop

Preview Files in Drive Tab

In the Drive tab of the main sidebar you can select how you want to view the files, as list or as preview.

It’s useful especially when working with images or the names of the files are not proper.

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