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How to Convert PDF to XLSX or DOCX with FileDrop

We’ve recently rolled out a conversion tool designed to convert your PDF documents into editable formats like Google Sheets or Google Docs. Imagine having an invoice and needing it in an editable spreadsheet or document format; our new feature makes this possible with just a few clicks.

This functionality is part of our Folder Tools sidebar, where you can easily paste the file ID of the PDF you want to convert. We offer several conversion options: PDF to XLS (Excel), PDF to Docs, and PDF to PPTX. It’s important to note that this is a beta release, but it represents a significant future enhancement for FileDrop.

convert pdf files

Let me show you how it works. I’ve got a file ready, so I’ll copy its link, paste the file ID into FileDrop, and select what I want to convert it to.

For demonstration purposes, I’m converting a simple invoice into both an Excel spreadsheet and a Google Doc. The conversion process is quick, and before you know it, the files are ready to be reviewed. View the video to see the conversion process.

The results are impressive. Even though it’s a beta release, the conversion retains much of the original formatting and content, including parts of images. This capability is incredibly useful for handling invoices, bank statements, and similar documents that you might need in a more accessible or editable format.

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Currently, our tool supports only PDF file conversions, but the quality of the output is very promising. It does an excellent job of creating editable versions of the original PDFs.

That wraps up today’s demonstration, and I can’t wait to see how this new feature can assist you in your document management tasks.

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