How to Manage Financial Documents in Google Sheets

Whether you’re a budgeting beginner or a seasoned pro, keeping track of your finances in a way that’s easy, accessible, and efficient is important.

Google Sheets is the go-to tool for keeping finances organized.

In this blog post, you’ll discover how to effortlessly organize and access your finances by managing financial documents in Google Sheets.

Organize your Tabs

Think of each tab in your Google Sheet as a different category or type of financial document.

You might have tabs for your budget, income, expenses, investments, etc. To add a new tab, simply click the “+” button at the bottom left corner of your sheet.Organize your tabs

Input Your Financial Data

Start inputting your financial data into each tab.

For example, in your “Income” tab, list out all your sources of income, and in your “Expenses” tab, list out all your monthly expenses.

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Input your Financial Data

For the Amount part, click the column and click Format then Number and choose Accounting.

Click Accounting for the Amount

Input Your Documents

Consider incorporating attachments or images of your financial documents directly through the FileDrop extension. This tool ensures a seamless and efficient process for handling your files.

If you haven’t installed the FileDrop extension, click here.

Click the “Extensions” tab, and then choose “FileDrop” and the “Start FileDrop” dropdown.


Once you’ve opened the Start FileDrop, you’ll see this interface. Click “Choose Files” button, and you can start uploading the images you want to incorporate in your document.



You can then quickly find the images you inserted as a hyperlink, allowing people to check a single document that contains all the necessary documents, saving time in looking at physical files.

Highlighting Data

To emphasize your finances’ data, highlight it with different colors. Highlight your data, click Format and choose Alternating Colors.

Remove the header section from being marked so that the initial color selected for the header remains unchanged.Highlighting Data

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Highlighting Data



Following these guidelines will set you on the path to becoming proficient at efficiently managing financial documents within Google Sheets.

Whether it involves sorting tabs or seamlessly attaching your data or documents, you possess all the necessary tools to manage your finances effectively.

So, take the jump into your Google Sheets and assert control over your financial future.

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