5 Essential Google Sheet Templates for Streamlining HR Onboarding 1

5 Essential Google Sheet Templates for Streamlining HR Onboarding

Deciding to hire new people in your company means a lot of work.

Preparing contracts, strategizing how to train them, as well as obtaining their basic information entails multiple back-and-forth communication which can sometimes lead to error.

This is why efficient onboarding is a critical aspect of any successful business, and with the prevalence of remote work, having streamlined processes is more crucial than ever.

Google Sheets offers a versatile platform for creating customizable templates that can significantly enhance HR onboarding procedures.

In this blog, we’ll talk about five essential Google Sheet templates designed to streamline the onboarding process and ensure a smooth transition for new employees.

Employee Information Template

The gathering and arrangement of vital personnel data is the initial stage of the onboarding process.

To collect information such as contact information for emergencies, work history, and personal details, create an extensive Employee Information Template on Google Sheets.

HR personnel can rapidly access relevant data with one consolidated document, reducing the possibility of mistakes and guaranteeing a smooth onboarding process.

Employee Information Template 1

Click the link here to make a copy of this template.

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Onboarding Checklist Template

A well-structured checklist is essential for monitoring the onboarding process and making sure that no important tasks are missed.

Create a Google Sheets Onboarding Checklist Template that lists all the things you need to do before arriving at work and throughout your first few weeks there.

Add things like finishing up paperwork, setting up equipment, and attending training sessions.

This template promotes an organized onboarding process by acting as a visual guide for HR and new hires. Onboarding Checklist Template 1

Click the link here to make a copy of this template.

Training Schedule Template

Effective training is essential for a positive onboarding process.

To define the employee’s training schedule, which includes orientation sessions, department introductions, and skill development workshops, use Google Sheets to construct a Training Schedule Template.

With this, you can ensure that new hires are equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in their positions, this template assists HR managers in allocating resources efficiently.

Training Schedule Template 1

Click the link here to make a copy of this template.

Equipment Inventory Template

Monitoring the distribution of equipment is essential for both office-based and remote onboarding.

Create a Google Sheets equipment inventory template to track the distribution of phones, laptops, access cards, and other necessary supplies.

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This template guarantees responsibility, averts shortages of equipment, and eases the onboarding process for new staff members.

Equipment Inventory Template 1

Click the link here to make a copy of this template.

Performance Evaluation Template

Constant feedback is essential for staff growth.

To monitor and evaluate the performance of new hires during the onboarding phase, create a Performance Evaluation Template on Google Sheets.

Incorporate objective accomplishments, areas for improvement, and key performance indicators.

This template guarantees that workers receive the assistance they require to succeed in their positions and helps HR teams give constructive criticism.

Performance Evaluation Template 1

Click the link here to make a copy of this template.


Successful employee growth starts with monitoring and guiding them the moment they start working with the company.

This might mean lending an extra time to cater their needs as well as to offer them support in areas they are not familiar with.

Given this extra load, it is a relief to make use of these templates that will help you to monitor their progress faster and saves you time from having to go through their physical files.

Remember, working smarter while maintaining efficiency is the name of the game wherever you go.

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