Google Sheets Features You Didn’t Know Existed

We already know how amazing Google Sheets is as an online alternative to Microsoft Excel and Mac’s Numbers app. But for beginners and casual users, there’s probably still a lot of lesser known features you haven’t heard of before. We’ve selected five of them for you to get to know on Google Sheets Features You Didn’t Know Existed brought to you by FileDrop!

1. Save Your Spreadsheets as PDF Files

Spreadsheets can be a lot of work to carry and pass around your data to collaborators and clients. By exporting them as PDF files, you can have others look at handpicked information in a format that is both mobile-friendly and print-friendly in the true spirit of a portable document file.

Open up your spreadsheet and go to FIle > Download > PDF (.pdf) to open the PDF export settings and customize just how you want to export your file.

Google sheets features you didnt know existed save as pdf

We have a full tutorial on how to save your spreadsheets as PDF files on this link: [INTERNAL LINK]

2. View Your Document’s Entire Edit History

As a cloud-based document app, Google Sheets is able to save detailed recordings of all your edit history and organize them in comprehensive Versions of that one document.

To view the available historical versions of your spreadsheet, simply go to File > Version history > See version history. This allows you to restore older data, undo edits, or fork a document into a new one. Remember, to be able to see the edit history, you would need to be the document’s Owner or at least have Editor permissions.

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We have a full tutorial on how to access your document’s entire edit history on this link: How to View Google Sheets File History

3. Filter Views by Values, Conditions, or Colors

Spreadsheets can be overwhelming when you have troves of data added to it. This is where the Sort and Filter views become really valuable.

To use Filters, select the cells you want to filter including the headers. Then go to the menu bar’s Data > Filter view > Create new filter view.

Google will automatically give you options on how to filter them via the new icon that shows up beside each top row of your selection.

The good thing about the filter function is it doesn’t mess up with your spreadsheets and is a more sophisticated solution to manually having to hide cells one by one. Editors and the file Owner can modify, turn off, turn on, and even share filter views.

We have a comprehensive tutorial on how to use filters here: How to use Filter Function in Google Sheets

4. Export Charts on Google Sheets as Images

Sometimes you’d find yourself wanting to use the charts and graphs you’ve made in Google Sheets for your presentation slides or reports. Good news! Google Sheets makes it possible to save those charts as PNG and SVG files.

The most simple solution is clicking on the three-dot menu on your chart then Download > PNG or SVG.

Google sheets features you didnt know existed export as images

However, sometimes the most simple solution isn’t the best one. We have a better workaround if you want to produce higher resolution, presentation-ready exports of your charts and graphs. Our detailed tutorial on how to export images on your Google Sheets documents can be found here: Google Sheets Export Chart as Image

5. Use Add-ons to Improve Your Google Sheets Productivity

Unlike most closed-system spreadsheet software, Google Sheets has an entire ecosystem of add-ons that can help you do things better and faster.

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You can do this right inside your Google Sheets app by going to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons. You should see the Google Workspace Marketplace that lets you find your next favorite tool for a variety of Google Workspace apps!

Google sheets features you didnt know existed use add ons

With thousands to choose from, you can have all sorts of add-ons that let you add features Google Sheets doesn’t natively support. One of these add ons is our very own FileDrop which is a powerful tool for using drag and drop actions to add files directly to your spreadsheets or Google Docs.

Google sheets features you didnt know existed file drop

FileDrop has a ton of capabilities including:

  • Drag and Drop files from your computer.
  • A File Library space to manage the files you’ve added and use them again.
  • Add files already inside your Google Drive.
  • PDF to text directly from Docs and Sheets using OCR technology
  • Image to text without leaving the app.
  • Premium upgrade to do even more with these features.
  • + lots of more time-saving features with regular updates!

Install FileDrop now for free using this link.

Learn more about our add-on by visiting FileDrop.

Conclusion on Google Sheets Features You Didn’t Know Existed

That concludes our first in the series of Features You Didn’t Know Existed on Google Sheets! Expect more from us very soon.

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