google sheets export chart as image

Google Sheets Export Chart as Image

Google Sheets is a powerful tool to analyze or present your data as charts and graphs. You may want to download the charts and graphs as images for your reports, presentations, or for other places. While you can technically do this with your computer’s screenshot function, it isn’t the most elegant solution.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to easily export Google Sheets charts and graphs as image formats like PNG and SVG.

Method 1 – Download a Google Sheets chart directly

Google Sheets natively allows you to download your charts as either a PNG or SVG image. This method is the most straightforward and easiest to execute.

Step 1. On your computer, click on the chart you want to export. You should see a three-dot icon on the upper right corner. . This prompts the dropdown menu which includes Download.

google sheets export chart as image

Step 2. Download chart as PNG or SVG format image.

google sheets export chart as image 1

Most people will be fine using the PNG format which is universally supported by most viewing apps. However, charts tend to be downloaded as low-resolution PNG images that may look pixelated or dirty. But no need to worry as we have a solution to this in the second method.

If you work with graphic or publishing applications and particularly need to scale up your chart, you may want to save as SVG instead which allows you to scale up your chart graphics infinitely as SVG is an editable vector format.

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Method 2 – Export Google Sheet charts in high-resolution using Publish to Web

While Google Sheets allows you to download images as PNG files, this doesn’t give the best results especially if you’re looking to use them in a sleek professional-looking presentation. One workaround you can use to generate high resolution PNG is by using the Publish to the Web and downloading that output.

This may use extra steps but if you want crisp, usable PNG files right off the bat without dabbling with SVG files, you can use this method that vastly improves the quality of your downloads.

Step 1. Click on your chart and press the three-dot icon to show the dropdown menu.

google sheets export chart as image 2

Step 2. On the dropdown menu, select Publish. You will be greeted by the Publish to the Web menu.

It is important that the Link is set to Interactive to obtain high-resolution PNG files.

google sheets export chart as image 3

Step 3. Click on Publish and copy the generated link. Paste the link to another browser tab.

google sheets export chart as image 4

Step 4. Right click anywhere on the chart and select ‘Save image as’. This prompts you to select a download destination and a name for your file.

google sheets export chart as image 5

Voila! You have presentation-ready images of your charts!

Here’s a quality comparison between downloading directly as PNG and using the Publish to the Web workaround. Notice how crisper the edges and text are on the second image which uses the Publish to web method.

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google sheets export chart as image 6

Step 5. When you have downloaded your image, you may want to unpublish your chart from the web. To do this, return to Sheets and go back to the Publish menu accessible on the three-dot dropdown. Click on Unpublish and you are good to go.

google sheets export chart as image 7

Export Google Sheets chart as PDF

Another option provided by Google Sheets is the ability to export as PDF. This can be found by clicking the chart, then the three-dots icon, and Download > PDF Document.

While this is not an image format, it can display your chart in high resolution. What this does is export your chart as an SVG contained within a lightweight PDF file which is useful as it can be read by most modern browsers and document readers.

Conclusion on Google Sheets Export Chart as Image

Now that you’ve learned how to export your charts in Google Sheets as high resolution images, you don’t have to worry about grainy and pixelated images getting in your way. No more back-and-forths using your computer’s screenshot tools or other clunky workarounds that take more of your productive time.

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