Convert PDF Table To Google Sheets in 2 Minutes

Convert PDF Table To Google Sheets in 2 Minutes Easy and Free

Do you have a PDF file with data in a table and you need that converted to Google Sheets? Maybe it’s an invoice or a list of your contacts. You want to copy this table and paste it into another document, but you can’t do that because your document is in PDF format.

Luckily, there are some simple ways to extract data from a PDF file and convert it to so that you can access the information again. In this blog post, you will learn how to convert a PDF table to Google Sheets so that you can easily copy the data from the PDF and paste it into another document.

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Convert PDF Table To Google Sheets

Step 1

Open a new Google Docs or Google Sheets document where you want to extract the data from your PDF document. Install FileDrop or open it if you already have it installed. FileDrop is an drag and drop file manager that helps users insert files in Google Sheets or Docs from urls, from your computer or files that are already in your Drive. On top of that it can extract text from images and PDFs and translate the text to over 50 languages.

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example pdf table

Step 2

Add the file to FileDrop via drag and drop, search for it in your Drive or import it from an URL. Once you have the file hover over it and click the TXT icon to start the OCR process.

extract table from pdf google sheets

Step 3

FileDrop will extract the text from your PDF document and display it in a text area. Here you can copy the text, insert in the Sheet or Doc or insert it as a table.

extracted text from pdf

And this would be the result.

google docs table pdf convert result

Convert PDF Table To Google Docs

To convert a pdf table to Google Docs you first upload the document in FileDrop or select it from your Google Drive and click the TXT icon when hovering over the filename.

convert pdf table to google docs

It takes a few seconds to process the document and convert the PDF table to text. When finished the resulted table will be automatically inserted in your Google Docs.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to convert PDF table to Google Docs.

Conclusion to Convert PDF Table To Google Sheets or Docs

You are now done! It just took 2 minutes or less to convert a PDF table to a Google Sheets table. It is that easy.

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Now that you know how to convert a PDF table to Google Sheets and view the data, you can take it further. You can create filters or share collaborate on the file with colleagues. Or you can export the table to a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet.

I hope you’re now familiar with the process of converting a PDF Table to Google Sheets and you know how easy it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copy a table from a PDF document to Google Sheets?

Yes, with some PDF files it’s possible but not with scanned files. Also when copy pasting tables from PDF to Google Sheets there might be some formatting that is inserted that needs to be cleaned to have plain data.

Can Google Sheets pull data from a PDF?

By itself it cannot do that but with the help of the FileDrop add-on it can.

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