How to Convert PDF to Text in Google Docs

3 Best Ways To Convert PDF to Text in Google Docs

The PDF document format is excellent because it is reliable, consistent, and device-compatible. However, editing a PDF file can be a daunting task especially due to its limitations.

Fortunately, you can convert PDFs to Google Docs format so that you may edit them like any other text file while still maintaining the original formatting. Doing this will also allow you to export your changes back to PDF or other widely used formats.

By trying to figure out how to do it on your own, you can waste quite a bit of time. So check our useful tutorials below for quick and simple methods that can let you convert a PDF to Google Docs and make it editable.

Open PDF in Google Docs via Google Drive

A PDF file is automatically converted to Google Docs format when you upload it to Google Docs. There is no need for additional software to accomplish the task since the functionality is already present. As Google Docs is cross-platform compatible, you can work with your PDF files in any web browser or on any device.

Here’s how to open a PDF in Google Docs like any other text document without formatting.

  • On your computer, launch Google Drive in the browser. If you haven’t already, sign in using your account.
  • In order to add a new document, click the + button.

how to convert pdf to text in google docs pdf to

  • On Google Docs file, click File > Open after the blank document has opened.
  • Upload the PDF file from your computer or choose it from your Drive.
  • The PDF will open in a separate window. Here, click on Open With at the top and select Google Docs.

how to convert pdf to text in google docs google drive pdf to

  • Google Docs will now launch and display the PDF file.
  • It can be edited the same as any other text document. When finished, choose PDF or another format to download the file by clicking File > Download.
  • You can also choose to upload the file directly on Google Drive and then open it with Google Docs.

It’s important to note that Google Docs converts PDFs while retaining the original text and formatting. Once you’re in the document, you can update the text, add graphics, or rearrange the layout however you want.

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Once your edits are complete, you can export or share the document in DOCX, RTF, PDF, and HTML formats. You can also download it back to PDF by going to File > Download, email it, or send it to Google Drive as a PDF file.

Convert a PDF to a Google Doc with Formatting

The formatting of your PDF is more accurately preserved in Microsoft Word than in Google Docs. Of course, there is a catch to this: in order for this to be an option, you would need to have access to Word. Additionally, even though a free version is accessible online, this approach does not function with it.

If you have a word account available at your disposal, then below are the steps on how to do this method.

  • Open the Microsoft Word desktop application.
  • Select Open and then choose the PDF you want to convert.
  • Then, a pop-up message will show up. Select Ok to turn the PDF into a document and the document will open in Word after conversion.
  • Select Word document under Save As in the File menu. To complete this, you might need to select Enable editing.
  • Activate Google Drive.
  • Click the right mouse button in the folder where you wish to store your document, then select Upload files.
  • Select your Word file, then click Open.
  • Right-click the file once it has been added to your Google Drive and select ‘Open with’ then select Google Docs.

how to convert pdf to text in google docs google docs formatting

  • Edit the file as needed.
  • After selecting File, click Save As Google Docs.

Use FileDrop Convert PDF to Text in Google Docs

For a more practical alternative, you can convert PDFs to Google Docs using a variety of web tools. Numerous web resources have direct integration with Google Drive and offer out-of-the-box support for converting PDF files to Google Sheets. This method is especially useful if you have more than one PDF file to convert.

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For instance, you can consider using FileDrop which allows you to quickly convert PDF files to text from Google Docs. This approach is quite simple to utilize and doesn’t call for any additional program downloads. To convert a multiple PDF file into a Google Docs file, all you need to do is include the Google Docs add-on.

Let’s take a look at how FileDrop works.

  • Install the FileDrop add-on and click to start it. The add-on will start in a few seconds and it will display as a sidebar with an upload area.

how to convert pdf to text in google docs pdf to text 1

  • Upload file area will appear on the right side of your Google Docs page.
  • To extract the text from a PDF file, upload the PDF file you want to convert or select it from your drive.
  • Go over the file in FileDrop and select the TXT icon over it and FileDrop will convert the PDF in text.

how to convert pdf to text in google docs google docs

  • Once the file is uploaded it will automatically be added to your Google Drive. You can now insert the text in your Document by pressing insert or just copy what you need.

how to convert pdf to text in google docs insert converted

Conclusion on How to Convert PDF to Text in Google Docs

A PDF file can be useful, but if you aren’t the owner and need to change it, that can be a problem. No matter what your requirements are for using PDF data in Google Docs, knowing the various techniques on how to convert PDF to text discussed above is essential.

FileDrop is also great to extract text from images, give it a try.

If you have more than one PDF file to convert in Google Docs, using FileDrop will save you a lot of precious time and help you be more productive. FileDrop is a powerful Google Sheets and Docs add-on that allows you to drag and drop files into spreadsheet cells with automatic linking and adds them to your Google Drive. Install FileDrop for free using this link.

For more information about how FileDrop can improve your business operations or personal productivity, you may check our website today at

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