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Can I Drag and Drop Files in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is one of the best spreadsheet editing apps you can use for free. You can use Google Sheets to create spreadsheets for your office, school, business, or anything else. At times, you might want to insert files in Google Sheets to display data, charts, or anything else.

Adding images or PDFs to a spreadsheet can also enhance its visual appeal and help convey information more clearly. Images can be added to Google Sheets from a variety of sources, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, or Google Image search.

When this process is repeated or demands more time, you might have thought about whether there is a way to just drag and drop files into your spreadsheet instantly. Fortunately, there is a way for you to do this. Keep on reading to learn the 3 easy steps on how to drag and drop files in Google Sheets.

Step 1: Install FileDrop Add-on

Installing the FileDrop add-on is free to install in your Google Sheets. With it you can upload files in your Google Drive and link them automatically in your cells directly from Google Sheets.

What we need is the FileDrop Google Sheets add-on. Just go to getfiledrop.com and click install add-on which can be found on the upper right corner of the landing page.

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Can I Drag and Drop Files Google Sheets

With FileDrop you can insert and attach files to your Google Sheets cells by simply dragging files in the sidebar or click it to browse your computer. It will automatically add the name of the file in cells and create the link to the file in your Drive.

Step 2: Navigate FileDrop Add-on

Once the FileDrop add-on is installed, go to your Google Sheets document and click “Extensions”. Next, you select “FileDrop”, and choose “Start FileDrop” to start it. Note that it may take a tiny while for the FileDrop option to appear.

Can I Drag and Drop Files Google Sheets 1

A FileDrop sidebar will appear on the right side of the screen, which will be used to upload files.

Step 3: Drag and Drop Files in Google Sheets

Once the FileDrop sidebar appears, you can now drag and drop the files you need in Google Sheets. You may either select “choose files” or you may just drag and drop the file file that you will insert.

Additionally, if you have to drag and drop files directly from your computer, you just have to open the folder location of the files and just directly drag and drop them to the FileDrop upload areas.

Can I Drag and Drop Files Google Sheets 2

Files uploaded in this side bar will go straight to your Google Drive and are automatically added with the name in your spreadsheet cell. Then it’s linked to the file itself for easy access. Then if you have files already uploaded in your Drive, you can add them easily with the Drive Browser.

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Conclusion: Can I Drag and Drop Files in Google Sheets?

That’s it! Adding files to your Google spreadsheets is very simple with the free FileDrop add-on. It saves a great amount of time and it’s really easy to use. For more information on how to use this add-on to increase optimum productivity, check out the pre-release features.

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