download Images from Google Docs

How to Export or Download Images From Google Docs With 1 Click

If you want to download images from Google Docs you might find that there ins’t an easy way to do it. There is no save image option. There are other tutorials that you need to export html or other ways that are a bit strange.

But downloading images from Google Docs is easy with the right tool. All you need is the FileDrop Google Docs add-on and with one click you can export all the images from your document.

Install FileDrop

Install FileDrop from the Google Workspace Marketplace if you don’t have it installed. FileDrop is must have add-on for Docs, Sheets and Slides. This is a productivity tool that will save you hours weekly if you work with files a lot.

Go to Settings

Go to the settings tab of FileDrop and click export images.

download images from google docs

Images are saved in the FileDrop Folder

Your images are now safely saved in your Google Drive in the FileDrop folder. You can download them to your computer if you don’t have the Google Drive app that syncs automatically to your pc.

Video Tutorial

Download or Export Images from Google Docs with 1 Click


In conclusion, if you are looking to improve your efficiency in handling images in Google Docs, the FileDrop add-on is an ideal solution. Its easy installation and functionality make it an essential tool for anyone working extensively with files in Google Workspace.

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