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Quick Tip: Export Images from Google Slides Presentations with FileDrop

Today I’m thrilled to share a quick, yet incredibly handy tip with all of you who frequently use Google Slides. Have you ever found yourself needing to export all the images from a Google Slides presentation but dreading the time-consuming process of doing it one by one? Well, we at FileDrop have just released a solution that simplifies this task remarkably!

FileDrop is Google Slide, Sheets and Docs addon that can increase your productivity. You can install it and use it free from the Google WorkSpace Marketplace here.

Export Images from Google Slides Video Tutorial

Effortless Image Export with FileDrop

With the latest update of FileDrop, exporting all the images from your Google Slides presentation has become a matter of a single click. Here’s how effortlessly you can now manage this task:

  1. Open Your Google Slides Presentation: Begin by opening the Google Slides presentation that contains the images you want to export.
  2. Navigate to Extensions: Click on the ‘Extensions’ tab in the Google Slides interface. Here, you’ll find various add-ons and tools that can enhance your Slides experience.
  3. Find and Click on FileDrop: In the list of available extensions, locate ‘FileDrop’.  If you don’t have FileDrop installed you can do it from here.
  4. Export All Images: After clicking on FileDrop, select the ‘Export all images’ option. The process might take a bit of time, which primarily depends on two factors: the overall size of the images and the number of slides in your presentation with images.
  5. Access Your Images: As soon as the export is completed, all your images are conveniently saved in the FileDrop folder of your Google Drive. The process is swift – in my case, it took barely three seconds!
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And just like that, you’re done! This new feature of FileDrop saves you the hassle and time of manually exporting each image. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a teacher, or a business professional, this feature is bound to streamline how you handle images in your presentations. Give it a try, and you’ll be amazed at how much time and effort you save.

Thank you for checking out this quick tip. Stay tuned for more updates and tips to enhance your productivity with FileDrop!

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