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FileDrop For Slides: Automatically Create Google Slides with AI, Translate and Add Images

I want to introduce you to a few exciting new features that we have just released for the Google Slides version of FileDrop. I’m pretty excited about these new additions and can’t wait to dive in, so let’s get started.

New AI Integration

The first feature I’d like to highlight is our new integration with AI technology, particularly the advanced language model, ChatGPT. This integration allows us to perform numerous operations and enhancements on our slides. Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

screenshot 2023.06.23 18 00 48

One of the things you can do with this integration is rewriting text elements within your slides.

To do so, navigate to the AI tab and select ‘rewrite’. This will allow you to enter a prompt and rewrite any given text within your slide. If the result isn’t satisfactory, you can provide a bit more context and try again.

Automated Slide Creation

Another exciting feature you can utilize is automated slide creation. You can instruct the AI to create a set of slides based on a specific topic. For instance, if you input “Create three slides with bullet points for the iPhone”, it will generate three distinct slides each equipped with unique bullet points about the iPhone.

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Once the slides are created, you can customize them further by adding images. Simply click on the image button, enter your search term, in this case, “iPhone”, and select an image from the search results. It will be automatically added to your slide, and you can adjust its size and placement as needed.

Slide Translation

Perhaps one of the most beneficial features we’ve introduced is the ability to translate slides. With this function, you can translate selected elements, the entire slide, or all the slides within a presentation. This feature can be particularly useful if you need to create a multilingual presentation or if your audience comprises of speakers of different languages.

screenshot 2023.06.21 19 15 06

Before translating, you might want to consider duplicating your presentation. This is helpful if you wish to keep a backup or need to maintain a version of your presentation in its original language. Once the duplication is complete, you can proceed with the translation.

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Our translation engine uses Google’s advanced translation technology, offering you the most accurate and contextually relevant translation available.

Add Stock Images

A simple way to make your slides and presentations popup is having great images. We’ve added a simple interface where you can search for images from the library with millions of free images to choose from.

screenshot 2023.06.21 19 10 24

Exporting images from Google Slides is a breeze with FileDrop.

View the video

Please see the video for a demonstration of all the above features.


In conclusion, the new features are designed to make creating presentations on Google Slides even easier and more efficient. From integrating ChatGPT, automating slide creation, to offering translation services, we aim to help you create impactful presentations effortlessly.

I hope you find these features as exciting as we do and look forward to seeing the incredible presentations you create with them.

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