Generate Formulas and Rewrite Data in Google Sheets With AI

Generate Formulas and Rewrite Data in Google Sheets With ChatGPT AI

Today I’m excited to introduce you to a powerful feature for FileDrop that will streamline your workflow and save you time. FileDrop is designed to help you manage your files and seamlessly insert them into sales documents but that’s not all. We’ve added Sheets AI, an AI sidebar powered by ChatGPT which allows you to generate Google Sheets formulas, rewrite data and much much more.

Install FileDrop from the Google WorkSpace Marketplace.

Generating Google Sheets Formulas Made Simple

With FileDrop’s Sheets AI, creating formulas has never been easier. It’s a simple sidebar where you can enter your problem or prompt, and let the magic happen. For instance, if you want to combine data from cells C1 and D1, you just need to input your query and wait for the answer – it only takes a second! You can then copy the generated formula and use it to get the results you need.

sheets ai

But FileDrop doesn’t stop there; it can generate formulas for various tasks. Whether you need to perform calculations, manipulate data, or any other task involving cells, FileDrop’s  Sheets AI has got you covered. It’s a convenient tool that ensures your formulas are accurate and ready to use.

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Rewrite Data with Ease

Not only can FileDrop help you with formulas, but it also simplifies the process of rewriting data. Suppose you have a cell containing specific information, and you need to expand it or rewrite it differently. In that case, FileDrop can handle it effortlessly. Just select the data you want to rewrite, enter your instructions, and watch as Filedrop generates the extended or rephrased text you need.

The best part is that FileDrop uses artificial intelligence to ensure the generated text aligns with your requirements. It saves you time from manually rephrasing the content and ensures consistency throughout your sheets.

Save the data generated by ChatGPT

Using FileDrop’s ‘Save as text’ function allows you to share your Google Sheets data without exposing the underlying formulas. This tool can be particularly useful when sharing complex spreadsheets where you want to prevent any accidental modifications.

save values formulas google sheets

Easy Integration and Usage

Using FileDrop is a breeze. You can copy the generated text to your clipboard or directly install it into the desired cell. This level of integration makes it incredibly efficient and convenient for users. Whether you are a novice or an experienced Google Sheets user, FileDrop’s user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for all.

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Free and Premium Features

Filedrop offers both free and premium versions. The free version grants you five credits per month, allowing you to access and use Sheets AI for essential tasks. However, if you find yourself using this tool extensively and need unlimited access, upgrading to the premium version is a worthwhile investment. The premium version of FileDrop provides unlimited usage of Sheets AI, unlocking its full potential and optimizing your productivity.



In conclusion, FileDrop is a powerful Google Sheets extension that simplifies your tasks and boosts productivity. The Sheets AI feature allows you to effortlessly generate formulas and rewrite data, saving you time and effort. With easy integration and both free and premium versions available, FileDrop caters to users of all levels. Give it a try and witness the magic of FileDrop in action.

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