Time-saving google sheets add-ons you should have

Time-Saving Google Sheets Add-Ons You Should Have

Google Sheets makes it easier for everyone to work on spreadsheets because of its lightweight form factor and useful collaborative features. However, did you know that you can make your work within Google Sheets more efficient? There’s a wealth of fantastic add-ons you can install that can boost your productivity and save a lot of your time.

In this list, we’re going to introduce a few time-saving add-ons you should absolutely consider.

How to Add or Remove Add-Ons in Google Sheets

Add-ons are accessible by going to the top menu’s Extensions > Add-ons.

.Time saving google sheets add ons you should have

Select Get add-ons to open the Google Workspace Marketplace and find and install Google Sheets add-ons you like. Once installed the new add-on may appear on the Extensions menu for you to use.

Time saving google sheets add ons you should have Google marketplace

Select Manage add-ons to show all the add-on apps you have installed in your account. This is where you can Uninstall add-ons you don’t want or don’t need. You will also have shortcuts to Help resources and Report in the Manage section.

To remove add-ons, go to Manage add-ons click on the three-dot icon at the top right of an app and select Uninstall.

Our Picks for Top Google Sheets Add-Ons

Now that you understand the basics of adding and removing add-ons, we’ll show you some great add-ons you should start using now to be more productive and efficient within Google Sheets.

1. Power Tools

Creator: Ablebits
Price: Free 30-day trial
Link: Install Template Gallery for Sheets

One of the most popular add-ons for Sheets, Power Tools provides you with 30 solutions to common tasks that may otherwise take a lot of your precious time. Notable functions include:

  • Merge and combine sheets, cells in rows, columns, or specified ranges.
  • Manipulate capitalizations – change to upper or lower case
  • Remove unwanted characters, strings, line breaks, commas, leading and trailing spaces, etc.
  • Randomize values, dates, numbers, strings, etc
  • Compare data, find and remove duplicates
  • Split assist tools
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2. Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

Creator: Talarian
Price: Free individual account with up to 50 recipients per day. Paid accounts start at $25 per year per user.
Link: Install YAMM for Sheets

Yet Another Mail Merge is a powerful add-on for Google Sheets and Gmail that allows you to send bulk personalized emails from a Gmail account to a list of contacts within Google Sheets. It is also able to track if your emails are opened, replied to, or if a contact unsubscribed.

This saves you a lot of time if you do email campaigns and store your contacts in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. The emails sent through YAMM reach a contact’s primary inbox, not the Junk or Spam folder.

3. FileDrop

Creator: HeadwayApps
Price: Free plan available. Paid subscription starts at $5 per month .
Link: Install FileDrop for Google Sheets

Welcome to our very own FileDrop!

FileDrop is a powerful sidebar app for Google Sheets that allows you to insert any file type into Google Sheet cells using drag and drop. The files you add are uploaded to your Google Drive and linked to the file for your convenience.

Time saving google sheets add ons you should have filedrop

It also easily allows you to add files already in your Google Drive using the Drive Browser which acts like a file manager app. A search function is available if you need to find a particular file in Google Drive quickly without leaving Google Sheets. This experience is made better by a File Library that keeps your recent history so you can easily track your files and reuse them across multiple documents.

There are also other very useful features like PDF to text or image to text using optical character recognition and inserting images to cells or over cells.

FileDrop has a free plan, a premium plan for power users, and a plan with more emphasis on team collaboration.

Check us out now at and start your productive Google Sheets, Docs, and Drive journey for free.

4. Translate My Sheet

Creator: Joey Bronner
Price: Free
Link: Install Translate My Sheet

Translate My Sheet is a pretty straightforward add-on that allows you to translate all or a selection in your spreadsheet into another language in just one click. This forgoes the need of using formulas in cells as it’s a one-step translation tool that harnesses Google Translate.

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5. Crop Sheet

Creator: Eric Koleda
Price: Free
Link: Install Crop Sheet

Crop Sheet is another simple tool that enables you to more handily remove extra rows and columns from a sheet. This is evidently very useful when seeking to preserve just small portions of a massive spreadsheet instead of having to manually select huge swaths of data.

Here are two cropping options available using Crop Sheet:
a. Crop to Data – keep only the cell ranges with data
b. Crop to Selection – keep only your selected cells

6. SyncWith | Any API

Creator: SyncWith Inc.
Price: Free trial plan available. Paid plans start at $50 per month.
Link: Install SyncWith for Google Sheets

SyncWith is a more technical add-on that pulls data from 3rd party services and APIs and imports them into your spreadsheet. This allows you to save time from otherwise manually copying and pasting data so you can focus on making sense of the data instead. Your data can be updated on a schedule and shared with a team.

This has great value for marketers, advertisers, analysts, traders, educators, social media managers, accountants, project managers, and other fields of work that rely on data to make good decisions. It is also very useful for business owners managing inventories, shipments, and business finances.

The subscription model for SyncWith is based on tiered data refresh frequencies. A free account can be used to try out the service for up to 35 refreshes in a report.

Conclusion on Time-Saving Google Sheets Add-Ons You Should Have

There are truly countless ways you can be more productive in Google Sheets. Using time-saving add-ons are an obvious choice if you’re looking to maximize your time and work smarter instead of harder.

Time is money, as they always say. And if you assign value to your time, you’d best figure out which of these add-ons you should try next.

At FileDrop, we’re always on the lookout for more ways you can work smarter and frustration-free. Subscribe to our Newsletter below to be the first to read about our useful resources.

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