Camera Modal

This is a feature of the Image Kit sidebar for Google Sheets. It allows the user to take photos with the camera connected to the computer. The feature is available to Business+ users.


File name – It will prepend a name to the file. Images are saved in PNG format.

Folder ID – the folder where the files are saved.

Horizontal or Vertical – the orientation of the feed. It will save the image as the set orientation.

Take Picture – save the image currently displayed.

Insert as Link – insert the file as link in Google Drive in the Google Sheet cell.

Insert as Image – it will insert the file as image with the IMAGE function and a link to the file in your Google Drive

filedrop modal camera

How to use?

Open the modal from the Image Kit sidebar, you will be asked for access to the computer camera. Once you approve the access, the camera feed will be displayed in the modal.

Click the take picture button and wait for the image to be displayed. A close image button will be displayed. If you press it, it will retrieve again the camera feed so you can take more photos.

Photos can be taken continuously and they will be added automatically to the next available cell in the selected column.