Rename Files in Google Sheets

With FileDrop you can rename files that are in your Google Drive folder.

Open a Google Sheet and name the first column to Current File Name and the second column New File Name.

Go to your folder in Google Drive where you have the files you want to rename. Copy the folder id, for example in the browser bar you will see – the folder is everything after,  the folder id is 1Wl_pK101sBh9Af3VFn7S94AVlDwJ3WNF. Copy the folder id.

Next, click on Extensions>FileDrop>List Files in Folder

screenshot 2023.05.15 00 11 36

A new window will open, here you need to paste the folder id.

screenshot 2023.05.15 00 11 19

Click Ok the files in the folder will be listed in the first column.

In the second column write the new names of the files as you want them to be.

Now to rename the files click on Extensions>FileDrop> Rename files. It might take a bit to process if there are many files.

When the process is finished open the folder and the files will have the new names.