Building Custom Vendor Quote Dashboards in Google Sheets

How to Build Custom Vendor Quote Dashboards in Google Sheets

Creating custom vendor quote dashboards in Google Sheets transforms how businesses track and compare vendor proposals, enabling more informed decision-making.

In this blog, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up a dashboard that visually organizes vendor quotes, making it easier to analyze and act on this data.

Leveraging Google Sheets for these dashboards offers a flexible, cost-effective tool for businesses of all sizes to optimize their vendor selection process.

So, what exactly is a vendor quote?

Think of it like an inventory, but it’s from the supplier’s end now.

It’s a document where the supplier lays it all out, specifying the cost and terms for the goods or services you’re eyeing.

It includes itemized prices, quantity discounts, delivery timelines, and applicable taxes or fees.

This quote becomes your compass during negotiations and empowers you to make informed decisions when selecting a supplier.

Now that we’ve got that down let’s roll up our sleeves and create that vendor quote dashboard.

Step 1. Collect and Organize Data

Start by gathering vendor quotes and organizing the data in a structured format.

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Allocate columns for essential information such as vendor name, quote amount, validity period, terms and conditions, and additional notes.

Collect and Organize Data

Step 2. Import your Data

Start putting your data under each column.

For Vendor Name, list the name of your supplier/s under that tab. In the Quote Amount tab, add your specified below.

Import your Data

For the Amount part, click the column, click Format, then Number, and choose Accounting.

Import your Data 1

Step 3. Create Calculate Fields

Add calculated fields to your vendor quote dashboard to uncover valuable insights from your data.

To calculate fields in your custom vendor quote dashboard in Google Sheets for better insights, follow these steps:

  1. Average Quote Amount: Use the formula =AVERAGE(range) to calculate the average quote amount.
  2. Lowest Quote Amount: Use the formula =MIN(range) to identify the lowest quote amount.
  3. Highest Quote Amount: Use the formula =MAX(range) to determine the highest quote amount.

Create Calculate Fields

Step 4. Implement Conditional Formatting

Apply conditional formatting rules to highlight important information and identify trends or anomalies at a glance.

For instance, you can use conditional formatting to color-code cells based on the variety period or the Quote amount. Click the tool above that shows a paint bucket.

Select the cells, and select your desirable color.

Implement Conditional Formatting

Step 5. Insert File from Google Drive Using FileDrop

In the FileDrop sidebar, click the Drive tab to browse your Google Drive.

Navigate through your folders or use the search bar to find the file you wish to insert. Click on the file you want to attach.

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Files typically include documents, images, or any other file type supported by Google Drive.

Click Insert or Attach to attach the file to your Google Sheet.

After inserting it, you may have options to adjust how the file appears on your sheet.

It could include linking just the file name, a clickable icon, or a preview for certain types of files.


Video Tutorial

In Conclusion

Profitability is the name of the game when it comes to business.

So it’s quite understandable to think carefully and thoroughly about where and on what things we will spend the hard-earned profit.

Taking advantage of a vendor quote dashboard in Google Sheets helps customize it to your liking and gives you an idea for making an informed decision.

Make it a habit, and you’ll see how far this vendor quote dashboard helps you reach your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google Sheets have a quote template?

Yes, Google Sheets does have templates available, including quote templates. These templates are designed to help users quickly create professional-looking documents for various purposes, including quotes, invoices, budgets, and more. To access quote templates in Google Sheets, you can either browse the template gallery within Google Sheets itself or search for specific templates using the search bar.

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