Top google sheets add-on tools

Top Google Sheets Add-On Tools

The flexibility and power of Google Sheets is compounded by the ability to use add-ons. These tools can turn Google Sheets from a lightweight spreadsheet software into a powerhouse custom-tuned to your needs.

Adding or Removing Add-Ons in Google Sheets

Add-ons are accessible by going to the top menu’s Extensions > Add-ons.

Top google sheets add on tools Google Sheets add on

Select Get add-ons to open the Google Workspace Marketplace and find and install Google Sheets add-ons you like. Once installed the new add-on may appear on the Extensions menu for you to use.

Select Manage add-ons to show all the add-on apps you have installed in your account. This is where you can Uninstall add-ons you don’t want or don’t need. You will also have shortcuts to Help resources and Report in the Manage section.

To remove add-ons, go to Manage add-ons click on the three-dot icon at the top right of an app and select Uninstall.

Our Picks for Top Google Sheets Add-Ons

Now that you understand the basics of adding and removing add-ons, we’ll show you some of the top Google Sheets add-ons that can level-up your spreadsheet experience.

1. Template Gallery for Sheets

Price: Free
Link: Install Template Gallery for Sheets

Who is this for? This app is great for educators and students; for small businesses and freelancers; and for personal productivity and finance.

This add-on provides you with a new selection of pre-built Google Sheets templates you wouldn’t find in Google’s stock template library (Public Gallery). The templates have their own user-friendly usage guides and are completely free to use.

Top google sheets add on tools template

We are impressed by the amount of free templates in this add-on and we’re sure you could save time by just using one of these templates instead of making your own from scratch.

Click to view and install Template Gallery for Sheets via Google Workspace Marketplace.

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2. Wolfram|Alpha for Google Sheets

Creator: Wolfram Research
Price: Free
Link: Install Wolfram|Alpha for Google Sheets

Who is this for? We believe anyone can benefit from Wolfram|Alpha’s computational power. This app is exceptionally great for students, educators, and academics. Writers and researchers will also appreciate the boost it provides in answering questions very quickly without having to leave Google Sheets.

Wolfram|Alpha adds a new sidebar that answers your questions based on natural language. It can also perform calculations based on the content of your selected cells.

Top google sheets add on tools wolfram alpha

Here are just a few examples of what it can solve or answer for you:

  • Unit conversions
  • Mathematical questions
  • Currency conversion based on live data
  • Finding zip codes of addresses
  • Looking up general facts like: country capitals, flags, currency; historical dates, people, places; distances between cities, countries, planets, stars, galaxies — most scientific queries you throw at it..
  • Scientific names of animals, plants, etc.
  • Looking up statistical data like: populations, climate, average lifespans, etc.

3. AppSheet

Creator: Google
Price: Free to start. Deployment starts at $5 per user per month.
Link: Install Appsheet

Who is this for? Advanced users. Small to Medium Enterprises would benefit from AppSheet’s intelligent mobile app building capabilities. Non-developers will enjoy being able to create their first app for their businesses.

AppSheet is a well-integrated, no-code app development platform used even by Fortune 500 Companies. It allows you to create custom mobile apps you could use internally or customer-facing. The apps can have rich functionality, can work offline and sync once you get online, and work seamlessly on mobile devices.

AppSheet uses your structured Google Sheets database and your Google Drive to do all sorts of programmable functions you can conjure up like collecting photos, signatures, GPS locations, and barcodes.

There are also templates you can use to start your new app like timesheet trackers, surveys and forms, customer service tickets, CRM, telehealth coordination, facility inspections, health logs, managing classes and schedules, onboarding, and more.

4. Hunter for Sheets

Creator: Hunter
Price: Free plan available with up to 25 free searches per month. Paid plans start at $49 for unlimited users.
Link: Install Hunter for Sheets

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Who is this for? Salespeople, marketers, recruiters, writers, bloggers, and other professionals.

Hunter for Sheets is an add-on that allows you to find valid email addresses and verify an email address list. It can look up domain names and assign confidence scores with intelligently estimated accuracy. It can return information like which company department an email belongs to (IT, Support, Marketing, Executive, etc) while confirming it with sources.

5. FileDrop

Creator: HeadwayApps
Price: Free plan available. Paid subscription starts at $5 per month .
Link: Install FileDrop for Google Sheets

Who is this for? Power users, businesses, and individuals looking to be more productive within Google Sheets. Great tool for team collaboration as well.

Welcome to our very own FileDrop.

FileDrop is a powerful sidebar app for Google Sheets that allows you to insert any file type into Google Sheet cells using drag and drop. The files you add are uploaded to your Google Drive and linked to the file for your convenience.

Top google sheets add on tools FileDrop

It also easily allows you to add files already in your Google Drive using the Drive Browser which acts like a file manager app. A search function is available if you need to find a particular file in Google Drive quickly without leaving Google Sheets. This experience is made better by a File Library that keeps your recent history so you can easily track your files and reuse them across multiple documents.

There are also other very useful features like PDF to text or image to text using optical character recognition and inserting images to cells or over cells.

Conclusion on Top Google Sheets Add-On Tools

We believe we’re barely scratching the surface here as there are so many great Google Sheets add-ons worth looking at. These add-ons can augment the core capabilities of Google Sheets and make your experience more enjoyable and productive,

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