How to Extract Table In PDF to Google Docs With FileDrop

How to Extract Tables In PDF to Google Docs With FileDrop

Trying to gather info from different sources can be a bit of a maze.

Things are usually smooth sailing when you’re working your way through the Google Workspace platforms.

That is, until you stumble upon data that’s hiding in a different spot or throwing you off with its tricky format.

And let’s be real, the “copy and paste” trick doesn’t always cut it!

That’s where FileDrop steps in to save the day!

FileDrop offers a variety of features that help create seamless integration and collaboration, as well as techniques that allow you to save time and effort without compromising quality.

One of the examples wherein taking advantage of FileDrop makes a difference is extracting the table from a PDF file directly in your Google Docs.

Without the hassle of copying and pasting, this will ensure that what is in the file will also be reflected exactly in Google Docs.

If you haven’t added FileDrop as your extension, click here.

In this article, you’ill learn how FileDrop can help you convert a PDF Table into Google Docs seamlessly.

Step 1. Open Your Google Docs Document

Open the Google Docs document where you want to convert your PDF Table. To use all the functions that are required, make sure you are in editing mode.

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Open your Google Docs Document

Step 2. Search for the “FileDrop” add-on in the “Extensions” Bar

When you click the “Extensions” bar, a new menu will appear with the “FileDrop” Extension underneath. Ensure that the “Start FileDrop” tab is selected from the dropdown menu.

Search for the “FileDrop” add-on in the “Extensions” Bar

Step 3. Upload the PDF File in the FileDrop Sidebar

Choose a local file that contains the PDF table you want to convert. Once uploaded, you can go to the “Library” tab which is right beside the “Upload” tab to check and review the file you uploaded.

Upload the PDF File in the FileDrop Sidebar

Upload the PDF File in the FileDrop Sidebar_2

Step 4. Convert the PDF File Into Text

On the right side of the file, you will see an icon that says “TXT”. Click on that and wait for it to load. Once done, you’ll see the PDF table converted to your Google Docs!

Convert the PDF File Into Text

Video Tutorial

Here is the video on how to extract the table from your PDF file in one click.

In Summary

It can be tedious to have to transfer tables from different platforms, and sometimes, even conventional functions like copy-paste don’t elicit the format that we want.

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Which is why FileDrop makes an invaluable tool.

This add-on further enhances Google Workspace’s built-in features, making it better than ever before.

It doesn’t just save you time, but it also improves your efficiency and productivity.

To learn more about FileDrop’s amazing features, click here.

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