FileDrop April 2024 Updates

FileDrop Updates April 2024

Welcome to a new issue of FileDrop Updates. In March we’ve added 3 big features, crushed some bugs, and made some small fixes to the app. The new features we’ve added in March are:

Files Conversion

Convert your PDF files to XLSX, DOCX and PPTX.

Create folders from Sheets

In the Folder Tools sidebar, you have the option to create folders in bulk in Google Drive with this new feature.

Embed images in Google Sheets cells

A free feature that allows the conversion of images to objects in the Google Sheets cells, great if you want to download the Sheet as XLSX and PDF.

We published a lot of articles like:

How to Create an Expense Tracker in Google Sheets

How to Use Date and Time Functions in Google Sheets

How to Forecast Trends and Patterns Using Date Functions in Google Sheets

How to Highlight Duplicates in Google Sheets


We’ve also added a few videos to our YouTube channel. Subscribe to find out right away when we publish something new.

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Google Workspace Automation Services

If you need to automate your business processes in Google Workspace, maybe we can help you. Learn more here.

Have a productive month!

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