Copy Files and Folders

Please enable the Paid features in the Settings tab before using this feature.

The Copy function can duplicate the files and folders from one folder to another.

It can also only duplicate the folder structure without the files.

Step 1 – go to Google Drive and navigate to the folder you want to get the folder id.

Step 2 – from the browser URL select the letters and number after the url

Example, the folder url is:

The folder ID is: 12FlePBo5eoIk2_xvr6KAjTDmkl0YLbTd

Step 3 – copy and paste the id in the necessary field.

Enter the Folder ID of the source folder and then the folder ID of the destination and click Start Copying.

For large folders with thousands of files it might take some time for the operation to finish.

FileDrop 1 9 1 0 Google Sheets 1

Please see our tutorial on how to copy files and folders in Google Sheets.