Image Kit Sidebar

The Image Kit Sidebar is a set of tools for managing images in Google Sheets. The functions here are available to Pro and Business+ users.

The sidebar is available from the Extension menu->FileDrop->Image Kit or from the Tools menu in FileDrop

image kit menu

List Images

With the List Images tool you can list images from your Google Drive folders in your Google Sheet cells in bulk. Currently you can list up to 2000 files, more files might give errors.

To start please enter your Folder Id and click the List Images button. If you have different types of files in the folder it will only list images(jpeg,png,gif). Depending on the number of images in your folder it might take a few seconds for the files to display.

In the Sheet you will see the image Name, Date added, URL of the image in your Drive and the Image.

image kit sidebar filedrop

The images are currently inserted with the IMAGE function and the option 1. You can resize the images by resizing the cells of the sheet.

You can use the Google Sheets filter function to sort the images in the Sheet.

Download Images from URL

Use this feature to download the images from any page online.

download images from url

Add the url and the Drive folder id where you want the images to be saved.