Transfer File Ownership

Using the FileDrop add-on you can use our Folder Tools sidebar to transfer ownership of files or folders.

What to Know Before You Transfer Ownership of Your Files and Folders

These are some conditions before you can transfer ownership of your files.

  1. If you are using a personal Google account, you cannot transfer ownership to someone using a WorkSpace or School Google account. You can only transfer to someone who has another personal account.
  2. If you are using a WorkSpace or School Google account, you cannot transfer ownership to someone outside your organization or school. However, they can make copies of files you have shared with them which makes them the owner of a new file with a different unique file URL.
  3. Transferring ownership of a Shared Folder does not affect ownership of files contained inside.

Option 1: Transfer ownership of one file or an entire folder

Go to Extensions > FileDrop > Folder Tools > Share Single File/Folder and entre the file or folder ID and add the google email address of the new owner.  Select the Share Type from the dropdown menu to Owner.

Click on the Share File button to start the process.

transfer ownership folder tools drive

Option 2: Transfer ownership of files in Bulk

Using the List & Share Multiple Files tab add the Folder ID and click the list files in Sheet. The tool will list all the files in the folder. For the files you want to transfer ownership add the email in the Email to share with column and the Share Type as “owner”.

Click the Share Files from Sheet button and it will start the process. It will skip all the files that you didn’t modify.

transfer ownership files bulk sheets drive