How to Create a Photo Archive on Google Drive

Google Drive offers a secure and efficient way to archive your precious memories.

Here are the steps to create a well-organized photo archive on Google Drive, ensuring your photos are safe, easily accessible, and shareable.

Step 1: Setting Up Google Drive

Before you start archiving your photos, ensure you have a Google account.

If you don’t have one, you can easily create it by visiting Here’s how to set up Google Drive:

  • Access Google Drive: Go to or download the Google Drive app on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Sign In: Use your Google account credentials to log in.

Step 2: Create a New Folder for Your Photo Archive

Organizing your photos starts with creating a dedicated folder in Google Drive. Here’s how:

  • Create a New Folder: Click + New on the left-hand side and select New Folder.



  • Name Your Folder: Give your folder a descriptive name, such as “Family Photos 2023” or “Travel Memories.” Click Create.

Step 3: Upload Your Photos

With your folder ready, it’s time to start uploading your photos. You can upload files individually, in batches, or in entire folders:

  • Navigate to your folder and double-click on the folder you created.


  • To upload photos, click “+ New” and select “File Upload” or “Folder Upload.” Choose the images or folders from your computer. On mobile, tap the + button, then Upload.

Step 4: Organize Your Photos

Creating subfolders and naming files can help you find photos quickly in the future. Consider organizing them by date, event, or subject:

  • Consider creating subfolders within your main folder for better organization.

  • Use descriptive names such as “John’s 5th Birthday” or “Hawaii Vacation 2022.”


Your subfolders will look like this:

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Step 5: Use Google Drive’s Features for a Better Experience

Google Drive offers several features that can enhance your photo archiving experience:

  • Use the search bar to find specific photos quickly.


  • Share your photos or folders with family and friends by right-clicking on the folder or file and selecting Share.

  • Mark important folders or photos with a star for quick access.
  • Toggle between list and grid view for your convenience.


Video Tutorial

Step 6: Maintain Your Archive

Regularly update your photo archive by adding new photos, removing duplicates, and reorganizing folders as necessary. An up-to-date archive ensures you can always find what you’re looking for.

Step 7: Back Up Your Photo Archive

While Google Drive is secure, having a backup of your photo archive is always a good practice. Consider using Google Photos for an additional backup layer, especially since it offers convenient photo storage and sharing features.

Step 8: Use FileDrop

FileDrop is an add-on that helps you transfer files and images between Google Drive accounts.

If you don’t have FileDrop yet, click here to install it.

Here’s how you can use its features effectively:

Image Kit Sidebar

The Image Kit Sidebar offers a range of features designed for image management within Google Sheets.

To access the sidebar, click “Extensions,” then “FileDrop,” and choose “Image Kit.”


List Images

It enables users to list images from their Google Drive folders directly into Google Sheet cells in bulk. Currently supporting up to 2000 files, it is great for anyone looking to compile an extensive photo archive without the hassle of manual input.

On the sidebar, input the Folder ID and click the “List Images” button. The tool will then automatically list the images from your Google Drive folder.

Keep in mind that this feature currently supports files in jpeg, png, and gif.d7gdVTszbHkR0tIhRRNIwUcO


The Download feature also allows you to download images from different online pages. To do so, you just need the website URL and a Drive folder ID.


Embed Image in Cells

This Embed Image in Cells feature is essential if you’re using the IMAGE function to insert pictures into their sheets and wish to integrate those images into cells for downloads as PDF or Excel XLSX files.

Click “Extensions” > “FileDrop” > “Image Kit” sidebar. Then, click the Embed Images button to start the process.

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Depending on the number of images, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. If there are many images, it might take longer, possibly requiring a restart.

After embedding is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email. It indicates that your Google Sheet is ready for download, with all images seamlessly integrated into the cells.


Transfer Files or Folders

If you wish to transfer your photographs from one Google Drive account to another, then FileDrop’s Share Single File/Folder feature can help you.

Open the source Google Drive account, and click the folder you want to transfer.

Open a Google Sheet and click “Extensions,” then “FileDrop.” Select “Folder Tools,” then in the sidebar, choose “Share Single File/Folder.”

Open a Google Sheet and click Extensions then FileDrop. Select Folder Tools 1

choose Share Single FileFolder 1

Go back to the Google Drive folder you wish to transfer and get the folder ID in the URL.

Copy and paste the folder ID in the File/Folder ID field.

Copy and paste the folder ID in the FileFolder ID field 1

Enter the email address of the destination Drive account. FileDrop will handle the transfer directly between accounts.

nter the email address of the destination Drive account 1


Creating a photo archive on Google Drive is a great way to ensure your memories are preserved, organized, and easily shareable.

Following these steps, you can set up a secure and accessible archive that can grow with you over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload photos from my phone directly to Google Drive?

You can upload photos directly from your phone to Google Drive using the Google Drive app available for iOS and Android. You can select the images you wish to upload and choose the folder to store them.

How can I share my photo archive or individual photos with others?

You can share your photo archive or individual photos with others directly through Google Drive by selecting the folder or photo, clicking on the “Share” option, and then sending it to specific email addresses or creating a shareable link. FileDrop enhances this process with its mass upload feature via Google Sheets, allowing you to organize and share large numbers of photos at once, making the distribution of your archives to multiple recipients a smoother experience. It combines the power of Google Sheets for organization and FileDrop’s uploading efficiency, ensuring your photo sharing is scalable and manageable.

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