how to download image from google sheets

How to Download Image From Google Sheets

Google Sheets can be used to store images such as logos, graphics, or product shots in addition to text, numbers, and calculations. While it’s usually a good idea to retain a copy of photos stored elsewhere except inside a Google Sheet, there may be occasions when you need to download the image directly from Google Sheets because you don’t know where the original image is located.

Because it is in editing mode, Google Docs does not offer a Save image as option when you right-click on a selection of images to download them. You therefore receive Copy, Cut, Save in Keep, etc. Sadly, it is impossible to pick and download a few images straight from a document. That choice would undoubtedly be a useful addition to the context menu of the cloud app. However, there are still a couple ways to retrieve particular images from Google Docs documents that are open.

Here’s a little tip to enable you to quickly download all of the images in your document:

Download Docs Images by Publishing to the Web

You can open a document in a new browser tab by choosing the Publish to the web option in Google Docs. You can use this function to download the photos straight from the page of the document.

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This is the how you do it:

  1. To access the publishing option, select File > Share > Publish to the Web.

how to download image from google sheets 1

  1. Click on the blue Publish button.

how to download image from google sheets 2

  1. To confirm your submission, click OK.

how to download image from google sheets 3

  1. Copy the link

how to download image from google sheets 4

  1. Open a new tab while keeping the publishing browser tab active. Press the Enter or Return key after pasting the link. It loads the most recent page. Not even you have access to the link, so don’t worry.

how to download image from google sheets 5

  1. You can save an image by hovering over it. Choose Save Image As by doing a right-click (Windows) or double-finger tap (Mac) over the picture.

how to download image from google sheets 6

  1. Optional: Once finished, unpublish the document. Go back to the Google Doc tab and select the publish option. Select Stop publishing by clicking on Published content and settings.

how to download image from google sheets 7

Download to an HTML File

It is usually preferable to download the document in HTML format if you need to download a lot of photographs. Images are automatically saved using this option in a zipped folder. Open the photos subfolder after extracting the file to see all the images.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Choose File > Obtain -> Web Page to download the Google Doc in HTML format (.html, zipped).

how to download image from google sheets 8

  1. From the browser’s downloaded bar, click the file.
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  1. Select the images folder after unzipping the file.

how to download image from google sheets 9

  1. You can now browse the images from the folder.

how to download image from google sheets 10

Saving Images From Google Docs by Taking a Screenshot

Screenshots are quite helpful. You can use them as receipts, save photographs from Google Docs, or save messages, lists, or images to examine them later.

To get the doc images, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the document containing the image you wish to save.
  2. According on the device you use, there are two ways to take a snapshot of your screen for the second step:
  • Use the keyboard shortcuts Shift + Command + 4 on a Mac.
  • Use Control (Ctrl) + Print Screen or PrtScr if you’re using Windows.
  1. When you’re through capturing screenshots of your photographs, send them all to yourself so you may download them later.


Google Docs is perhaps the best productivity tool out there when it comes to online resources. It’s undoubtedly a strong word processor because of its user-friendly interface and practical design. You can run into certain difficulties, like downloading an image directly from a Word document, but with the correct approach or tool, almost every issue can be solved with ease.

To enhance the effectiveness of your Google Sheets experience, check out FileDrop. With FileDrop, image to cell or image over cell can be easily achieved in your spreadsheet.

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