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Import and Translate PDF Files into Google Sheets with FileDrop

Today I’m going to guide you through a straightforward method for importing PDF files into Google Sheets. We’re going to use FileDrop, a versatile add-on that can be installed from the Google Workspace marketplace. It’s available for Google Sheets, Docs and Slides and has some pretty cool features.

Step 1: Starting FileDrop and Uploading a PDF File

To get started, open FileDrop and click ‘start’. Now, select a PDF file that you’d like to import. For this demonstration, we’ll be using a simple invoice.

Once you’ve chosen your file, wait for it to upload. The uploaded file goes directly into your FileDrop folder, appearing as a preview. However, you can change this in the settings if you’d prefer it to appear as a link.

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Step 2: Adding the File to Google Sheets

To add the file to your Google Sheets, click on the plus (+) icon next to the file preview. The PDF file will now be added as an icon in your Google Sheet.

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Step 3: Extracting Text from the PDF File

FileDrop has a built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature that can extract text from PDF files. To use this, click on the OCR icon next to the file icon in your Google Sheet. FileDrop will then extract the text from the PDF file and display it.

The text from the PDF, in this case, an invoice, can be inserted into your Google Sheet. With the default OCR settings, all the information is inserted into a single cell.

Step 4: Adjusting OCR Settings for Line-by-Line Text

For a more organized view, you can adjust the OCR settings. Go back to the settings and select the OCR text settings option. Choose the option that allows you to see the information line by line. After selecting this, click on the OCR icon again and insert the text. Now, the extracted text will display line by line in your Google Sheets.

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Step 5: Translating the Text

An exciting feature of FileDrop is its ability to translate text. If you receive an invoice or any document in a language you’re not familiar with, you can translate the text into a language you understand. Select the language you want to translate the text into, and FileDrop will do the rest. Once translated, the details can be inserted into your Google Sheets.

Video Tutorial


In conclusion, FileDrop provides a simple yet effective method for importing PDF files, extracting text, and even translating that text into Google Sheets. We hope this guide proves useful for your data management and language translation needs.

As always, we appreciate your time and look forward to providing more helpful guides in the future.

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