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List Files From A Google Drive Folder In Google Sheets Advanced

In the previous article, we covered how to list files from a Google Drive folder using the FileDrop extension in Google Sheets. However, there’s an advanced method available that offers even more features. We’re going to dive into this advanced method today.

Note: To use this advanced feature, you need a premium account with FileDrop.

Install FileDrop from the Google WorkSpace Marketplace. You can upgrade from the add-on to a premium account.

Step 1: Starting FileDrop and Searching for the Folder

After opening FileDrop, click on the ‘Drive’ tab. Here, you can search for the specific folder whose files you wish to list. For our demonstration, we will use the same folder with sample images as in the previous example.

Step 2: Listing and Previewing Files

Once you locate and select your folder, you’ll see the files listed, similar to the simple method we explored before. However, the advanced feature offers a preview option. By clicking on the preview button, you can see a quick snapshot of the file, which is incredibly useful for folders containing images or documents.

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Step 3: Searching All Files and Exploring Advanced Features

The advanced method provides a button to ‘search all files’. On pressing this button, not only do you get the file names, but the list also includes additional details about each file. These details include:

  • The date when the file was added to the folder.
  • The file’s size.
  • The direct URL to access the file in Google Drive.
  • A download option.
  • The file’s description.
  • A preview image if the file is an image.

This feature allows you to get a comprehensive view of all the files in a Google Drive folder right in your Google Sheets.

Video Tutorial


In conclusion, FileDrop’s advanced method provides a robust toolset for managing and reviewing the content of your Google Drive folders. It’s a more thorough way of handling files, especially if you have a large number or need to track detailed information about them.

If you found this guide helpful. Cheers and thank you for following along!

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